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i love pokebank legends (Archived)sniperfire6641/12 3:12PM
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Was the term 'Pokemon' coined in the US first? (Archived)H-L-W101/12 3:06PM
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Best misty cosplay ever (Archived)Bugorchestra81/12 3:01PM
How much better would Scizor/Ferrothorn be if they could learn Powder? (Archived)
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Rayquaza_is_Z131/12 3:00PM
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Any way for me to get a team without purchasing b/w 2? (Archived)Caolan_2k991/12 2:57PM
Sign if you have never used a legendary pokemon in battle (Archived)
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Ace81892411/12 2:56PM
Why do people think that gamefreak/nintendo believe "only Japan matters?" (Archived)
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CarefreeDude201/12 2:56PM
Let's discuss the Talonflame POTW! (Archived)
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Companion_Cube_371/12 2:56PM
Wt just gave me yvetal (Archived)tenchi198181/12 2:55PM
Breeding Abilities Question (Archived)Punishedboy91/12 2:52PM
And that's why I hate non-100 accuracy moves. (Archived)
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Pervert_Kuhn121/12 2:52PM
Any advice on a Umbreon set? (Archived)Dante204961/12 2:50PM
Any advice for Bergmite with careful nature? (Archived)Frosted_Midna21/12 2:44PM
First Egglocke donations? (Archived)
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Acerynn1251/12 2:40PM
Multiple cartridges (Archived)masamunethe1101/12 2:40PM