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Possibly the most nonsensical type match-up is Water's resistance to Steel. (Archived)
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Catcher_Freeman791/3 7:50AM
Any event US pokemon better than Japan pokemon? (Archived)DarknessSpyro41/3 7:47AM
Pokebank Battle (Archived)donkeykongjr51/3 7:46AM
Dragonite with Extremespeed? How to get one? (Archived)RodolfoCM71/3 7:44AM
Whats the best competitive team? (Archived)majesticator21/3 7:42AM
Best Antagonist theme? (Archived)
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Thaxagoodname151/3 7:41AM
What is Smogon and why is it teh devil? (Archived)
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djmetal777231/3 7:41AM
Question about priority moves under Trick Room (Archived)endergamer53731/3 7:38AM
So how much has Pokebank changed the competitive scene? (Archived)Rememberdaname31/3 7:33AM
Hacked Pokemon are Pokemon too!! (Archived)giants928171/3 7:33AM
Best Pokemon to take the Elite Four down alone? (Archived)
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kirbymariomega161/3 7:32AM
So why are Valerie/Grant/Siebold grouped together by some artists (Archived)NME_Enterprises31/3 7:20AM
I really hope Slurpuff gets decent move tutors on the physical side (Archived)StormOSummit21/3 7:18AM
Omg Valerie gave me a Pearl String today! (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger481/3 7:07AM
So, should we refer to them as the "Axis Trio"? (Archived)
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Solar_Crimson151/3 7:05AM
Can someone trade me a swirlix with unburden (Archived)minato_0041/3 6:58AM
i got pokemon x for christmas (info inside) (Archived)littlejadelady41/3 6:47AM
Pokemon help (Archived)Drizzy22461/3 6:39AM
Shiny 5/6 IV Legends only for other Shiny 5/6 IV Legends, makes Jack a dull boy. (Archived)
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inavnwor121/3 6:38AM
Who thinks Pokebank will be released today? (Poll)
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Haku125181/3 6:35AM