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why is deoxys and mewtwo uber (Archived)
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Giratinalga211/27 1:23PM
YR: light ball is compatible with all current electric mice... (Archived)
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Felix6464291/27 1:22PM
Dawn vs. May Vs. Flannery Vs. Misty Vs. Serena (Poll)
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RemembranceSky371/27 1:18PM
Do you use megas? And do you actually like them? (Poll)
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roxbury1990181/27 1:16PM
*For smogon players* What are the chances of the elemental duo getting banned? (Archived)Caolan_2k991/27 1:06PM
Megazard X/ Megazard Y Vs. Megasaur/ Megatoise 1.3 (Poll)MechaKirby61/27 1:02PM
New Gen 6 Mechanics Day 2: Electric Pokemon are immune to paralysis. (Poll)
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Chenmaster2151/27 1:00PM
Nobody appears online for me (Archived)brutalhits21/27 12:59PM
Help me understand what I should do in order to get a 5IV Tyrunt please... (Archived)Vuco91/27 12:57PM
Which Pokemon (that isn't Tornadus) would you say is the most "air/wind"-themed? (Archived)
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tarzanmx251/27 12:53PM
Nintendo can't even beat Sunkern so they ban it. (Archived)
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RatheV131/27 12:47PM
Articuno Moveset and Nature (Archived)hockeyjockey8741/27 12:40PM
Round's maximum power? (Archived)
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SorrySleeping171/27 12:32PM
Just how important is speed on a rest-talk set? (Archived)AnimalsRCrossin61/27 12:32PM
Scrubs can't beat a balanced metagame so they bash it. (Archived)SorrySleeping61/27 12:27PM