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Some clarifications needed for shiny hunting using Poke Radar (Archived)-Set-31/3 12:36AM
Tyrantrum will NEVER be competitively viable. (Archived)
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What did you name your character on Pokemon X/Y? (Archived)
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last pokemon to finish my party. meta gross or aegislslash (Archived)Fidchel71/3 12:25AM
Genious Battle Maison AI (Archived)
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SorrySleeping221/3 12:22AM
Starting an Egglocke (Archived)
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Carrots04131/3 12:20AM
So I decided to catch Mewtwo. (Archived)
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Takaoldaria151/3 12:20AM
How's Hippowdon competitively? (Archived)warnerbroman71/3 12:16AM
Does putting Eggs in the front of your party still make them hatch faster? (Archived)sonictrainer21/3 12:16AM
Looking for advice on my "favourites" team (Archived)SSBM Pichu11/3 12:13AM
Phys tank Evio Doublade, Take 2 (Archived)
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Azure_Flame191/3 12:07AM
The next Kalos champion... (Poll)
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Mars1040271/3 12:07AM
Ev training at level 100?? (Archived)shadowmewtwo5531/3 12:01AM
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Wanting to trade my Aggronite for your Tyranitarite (Archived)WalleG41/2 11:53PM
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RMT, and advice please (Archived)Moe_Lester_1331/2 11:51PM