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How are you supposed to use trevenant? (Archived)Oreos7442/4 7:42PM
Best Of Legendaries: Part 10, Sinnoh Edition 3 (Lunar Duo) (Poll)
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minun73152/4 7:36PM
Question about breeding (move transfer and such) (Archived)smashbros12352/4 7:33PM
We didn't get pokebank because We didn't get pokebank, of course (Archived)TeamCroissant22/4 7:31PM
Woo! Another Shiny Buneary! (Archived)TheForevergelo82/4 7:29PM
So, can 5th gen mons with banned names pass through Pokebank? (Archived)ClassyOldHat32/4 7:26PM
Nintendo tweets once more about pokebank (Archived)
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bfidle292/4 7:26PM
Choice scarf (Archived)burningfire5252/4 7:25PM
Lucky Day on Wonder Trade (Archived)
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infernopro132/4 7:23PM
Pokebank Celebi moveset? (Archived)sdfiqdha102/4 7:22PM
There are some reasons we aren't getting pokebank so soon... (Theory) (Archived)
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ShakerSquash112/4 7:18PM
YR: canada gets bank before america (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami232/4 7:17PM
i love throwing away my breeding rejects via wondertrade (Archived)XcaIIion62/4 7:16PM
Americans didn't understand. (Archived)
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bretonftw172/4 7:15PM
what is your favorite pokeball? (Archived)
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Goderator222/4 7:14PM
Question on poke bank. (Archived)Domino17171762/4 7:13PM
SHUCKLE vs SNORLAX! 105 TURNS of PAIN!!! MUST WATCH! The end was damn close! (Archived)ZeroCipherNull42/4 7:13PM
I have a question regarding the hidden unobtainable legendaries. (Archived)
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Miz_iZ_AwSOme_X112/4 7:13PM
So 4 abilities got improved for Gen VI (Archived)Turbo_TRex102/4 7:12PM
Clash of the Starters (Poll)
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Dante2049142/4 7:11PM