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Transfer Lab/Pokebank Issue (Archived)AvengeSp82/5/2014
Passerby battles are a funny thing (Archived)
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Sooo bank now stops DW genV starters? (Archived)LarsenSan62/5/2014
I miss pokemon puzzle league. (Archived)zeldalord72/5/2014
How far in the game do you have to be for poketransfer? (Archived)McTCM32/5/2014
So I'm looking for a Greninja Counter. (Archived)
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How to sort PC boxes?? (Archived)
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if i use a pokepuff as a decoration in pokemon ami will it get eaten eventually? (Archived)Nade_Pony22/5/2014
The only way to beat Shedinja with Sturdy, goggles and safeguard is curse/seed? (Archived)legendrider62/5/2014
Is zen mode darmanitan any use (Archived)Adumigan72/5/2014
Are Unown rare right now? (Archived)hellslinger52/5/2014
ITT: The single reason we NEED Gen 3 remakes (Archived)Crabhammar92/5/2014
Battle mansion: A land where the oposing team will always get a crit (Archived)wwwgippal272/5/2014
Would these pokes be good for competitive battling? (Archived)darker9542/5/2014
Why can't I wear my pajamas forever? (Archived)Engel92/5/2014
Should Gen III be in the Virtual Console? (Poll)LarsenSan102/5/2014
I only have one rock type pokemon in my competitive pool (Archived)Oreos7442/5/2014
If rotom got a hidden ability... (Archived)Rikardo9082/5/2014
Raise your hand if you've never been wonder traded a Legendary (Archived)
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Why is it that smogon constantly ban Pokemon? (Archived)
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