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Poketransfer only transports pokemon from box 1 (Archived)
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If a hacked Contrary Serp makes it over... (Archived)Onionium62/5/2014
gts private server events (Archived)token_swordsman22/5/2014
Aw, my Deoxys didn't transfer over. (Archived)Houle32/5/2014
Can't transfer legit Kangaskhan (Archived)
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Transferred my Samurott (Archived)Brandon04248722/5/2014
Trasnfered mons triggering events? (Archived)KarlChurch62/5/2014
Is Eviolite Magneton worth it? (Archived)Model_Omega52/5/2014
Am I the only person getting error code 006-0501? (Archived)TheSilentKnight32/5/2014
How long is Pokebank's lockout? (Archived)SorceressTharja12/5/2014
Since Bank is out, what will everyone complain about now? (Archived)
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just got off bank out in US? (Archived)
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I can't transfer my Empoleon (Archived)
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I typically dislike showing replays since i'm a horrible battler but i found (Archived)
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Kyurem forms and Fire-type starters not working with transporter? (Archived)candy_is_yum62/5/2014
GTS/Pokebank question? (Archived)krakos00072/5/2014
Where can I find a Snorlax? (Archived)Cheshire_Cat0312/5/2014
batch .pkm uploading? (Archived)toothpiq12/5/2014
Where can the Petaya berry be found in this game? (Archived)GalaxyEmperor32/5/2014
Bank Celebi (Archived)
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