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YR: Smogon adds a new tier (Archived)gunsndroses42/5/2014
Question: Unreleased HA starters (Archived)extremegunner42/5/2014
Connection Interrupted, server locked (Archived)Inferno70022/5/2014
Were there reports of hackchecks pre-wworldwide release? (Archived)
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I finally have Trade Value!! (Archived)Adrasak22/5/2014
in game pokemon events. list them (Archived)Jamesccg12/5/2014
So I just got to Grand Duke... (Archived)Sol_Apollo82/5/2014
Just got my Celebi.... (Archived)meestermj12/5/2014
Sweet, Pokebank is released in NA (Archived)ice_phoenix_22/5/2014
What are must have pokemon and attacks to have ready for pokebank? (Archived)
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A different sort of Bank Problem (Archived)Runeofnite12/5/2014
Transport question (Archived)Matt_the_noob22/5/2014
Some Pokemon blocked from Transfer (Archived)
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:( My legal Charizard and Dragonite won't go through Transporter (Archived)
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What's up with Celebi's noodly arms ???? (Archived)WautraetsM12/5/2014
If you use [Bank/Transporter] to transfer [hacks] you forfeit the right to use.. (Archived)-Unowninator-62/5/2014
Why did no one tell me this was just another harem game in disguise? +Waifu poll (Poll)
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Pokebank LIVE!!! for NA (Archived)Cobalt-BLU52/5/2014
Was pokebank released in the US?? (Archived)dj424252/5/2014
Now that the Pokebank is out... (Archived)ArmoredGuns42/5/2014