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Diantha sucks (Archived)
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KingTyranitar451/2 6:02PM
EPiC SHINY AEGISLASH SWEEP! (Archived)MegaSableye11/2 6:01PM
Bisharp: Trapping Blades with the God Damn Axem Rangers? (Archived)Daemonscharm11/2 5:58PM
Check out this Bibarel sweep (Archived)andrewx7251/2 5:56PM
Does friendship affect pickup results? (Archived)Dokoshi61/2 5:54PM
Best nature for Blissey? (Archived)lilbean121741/2 5:52PM
Is Kalos based on Britain? (Archived)
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AdamLazaruso1331/2 5:52PM
Generic topic about how pokebank isn't out yet. (Archived)
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CoolFangs171/2 5:52PM
Daily Events not resetting? (Archived)MikeH718661/2 5:51PM
Compound eyes question? (Archived)WashUrBurn41/2 5:45PM
Is Kalos based on the Pokemon World mention in the "Power of One" opening? (Archived)Darksta21/2 5:44PM
Serperior Build Suggestions (Archived)
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mysticzone131/2 5:43PM
I've caught 690 Pokemon in the national dex, all I need are legendaries and... (Archived)pokelover81/2 5:39PM
Can someone explain characteristics? (Archived)MikeH718691/2 5:38PM
Help with team making? (Archived)LontaBeans31/2 5:35PM
Rate my Aegislash stratedgy (Archived)PaladinAlik61/2 5:34PM
Breeding Question (Archived)fuzzionterms31/2 5:30PM
Does anyone have some Battle Videos with PokeBank mons? (Archived)endergamer53791/2 5:28PM
ITT: Give any Pokemon another ability, and rate the above posters change (Archived)
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Companion_Cube_151/2 5:28PM
Pokebank is a joke now (Archived)
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OrangeCrush980271/2 5:26PM