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best setup for bulky sylveon? (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys21/21 4:34PM
Held item that seals holder's ability (Archived)rx7spirit31/21 4:32PM
AAAAAAAAAAAAA! SHINY CHANSEY I just found a friggin' SHINY CHANSEY!!! (Archived)
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Missingno_Mastr131/21 4:29PM
If you could have a free pokemon what would it be (Poll)Jediknight198571/21 4:28PM
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Lilligant Ice HP (Archived)Serpent989131/21 4:24PM
I don't have any more space in boxes to breed more pokemon (Archived)
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elnimio331/21 4:18PM
I got 2 f***ing shiny Charmander within 100 eggs. f*** yeah! (Archived)
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Daemonscharm491/21 4:16PM
So is Gyrados even worth it without Outrage? (Archived)
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kagenoronin87241/21 4:15PM
skiddo or budew? (Archived)Kadoatie41/21 4:12PM
So how does my drawing compare to the in-game mega Charizard? (Archived)TheRealNonRock81/21 4:11PM
LF: A 6th Poke on my team. (Not Trading) (Archived)
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Brewster123181/21 4:07PM
No way to check ability on GTS? (+ egg moves breeding question) (Archived)SoulAssassin22671/21 4:05PM
What if talonflame had Staraptors stats... (Archived)
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LightningAce11171/21 4:03PM
What if the choice items only locked you into offensive moves? (Archived)grape_purple71/21 3:59PM
I'm done hating on Stealth Rock. (Archived)dj424261/21 3:56PM
I just had the strangest showdown match ever. (Archived)dj424251/21 3:55PM
Since we now have different Vivillon forms (Archived)javel3411/21 3:54PM
flawless elektross... (Archived)cr4a5y101/21 3:53PM