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Found a shiny druddigon.... (Archived)
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3i3333le23112/3 8:19PM
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Pokemon of the Year - Part 1/2 (Poll)
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ThePokeMan98112/3 8:13PM
How would things change if.... (Archived)
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NeedProteanFroa112/3 8:11PM
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I finally found a male Pyroar in the wild (Archived)Ryoukai32/3 8:00PM
Build for Assault Vest Hitmontop? (Archived)TheGolgi72/3 7:54PM
ITT: Moves that can hit opponents in the far corner in Triple battles. (Archived)ssbmrocks42/3 7:52PM
Stupid doubt! PLEASE HELP! (Archived)lowleopard42/3 7:52PM
Every time I see an Aegislash named Excalibur I die a little inside... (Archived)
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kabigon202052/3 7:47PM
Best Of Legendaries: Part 9, Sinnoh Edition 2 (Creation Trio) (Special event) (Poll)
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minun73132/3 7:44PM
Asking for certain critters on GTS question (Archived)MonoxideHektik42/3 7:40PM
I need help (Archived)vinhamon12/3 7:39PM
Holy crap did Lysander just-?! (HUGE SPOILERS) (Archived)
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SpunkySix262/3 7:37PM
Make a Smash Bros. PKMN Trainer team for each Gen (Archived)M4nnimal22/3 7:34PM
SpA Investment on Mixed Infernape? (Archived)Bladehunter67932/3 7:32PM
Dear Lord Trevenant is amazing. So much fun to use when you are bored. (Archived)
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Jigglybuff232/3 7:26PM