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why do people still care about bank (Archived)
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Teh_Tiltyu181/27 3:13PM
What is the best choice scarf Arcanine set? (Archived)aydosv31/27 3:12PM
Scarf'd Heliolisk using electrify paired with lightning rod Manectric? (Archived)jb0804571/27 3:12PM
What should be the next legendary trio? (Poll)
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Emi3280421/27 3:11PM
Polemon X & Y competitive team with Mega lucario and latios? (Archived)Carlos8299761/27 3:11PM
So I was trying to evolve to Goodra... (Archived)jakenlucas41/27 3:10PM
So, it's been a month... (Archived)
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bfidle601/27 3:08PM
why didnt they make tyrantrum dark/rock (Archived)
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tiamat999141/27 3:08PM
There's a maintenance today? For XY? (Archived)RemembranceSky31/27 3:05PM
Hardest Legendary to catch? (Not counting Mewtwo from R/B/Y) (Archived)
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Swamp-marsh-mud191/27 3:03PM
How do I breed for good IV Shinies if the foreign parent doesn't have good IVs? (Archived)wantfastcars41/27 3:03PM
I just wonder traded someone a Jolly 6IV Shiny Rayquaza (Archived)
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Irnkman121/27 3:03PM
Can I have this cleared up please? (Archived)joey1122381/27 3:03PM
Do You Think....... (Archived)raymond200047691/27 3:01PM
Opinions on this Goodra (Archived)SuperBigfoot51/27 3:01PM
"This Ditto has 7iv!!" (Archived)
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That_one_141/27 2:54PM
Can you transfer Pokemon backwards with Transporter? (Archived)84Mantines31/27 2:53PM
Just caught this Pumpkaboo yesterday... (Archived)Jaroume101/27 2:51PM
Pokebank Preparations (not a rant) (Archived)
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Ethanb900211/27 2:49PM
This game felt so lacking compared to B/W2. (Archived)Bubble_Berry_61/27 2:48PM