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Event legends that pass trhough the Bank? (Archived)Skull_pro72/5/2014
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What's this flying pikachu people are talking about? (Archived)
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Your thoughts on this being Clauncher's Evolution instead of Clawitzer... (Archived)
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Typical Greninja Builds? (Archived)PrinnyRaider92/5/2014
Plot Twist: Im in charge of when Pokebank comes out to the US (Archived)
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Wonder Trade Giveaway - Ditto (Archived)Sh4uir32/5/2014
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The Rage Was So Strong With This One (Archived)
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Should I wait to transfer my Clefairy up that knows softboiled or take moonlight (Archived)PraetorianGhost42/5/2014
I hope there are some move tutors in Pokemon Z! (Archived)hodelino42/5/2014
Contrary Serperior (Archived)Muffinz0rz42/5/2014
Pokemon vs...The Zerg Swarm/Hive (Archived)
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America will get bank by the 18th barring any further setbacks (Archived)gamepimp1292/5/2014
Poke Miles from Bank? (Archived)Pizzus42/5/2014
Just for your info: you need to seriously **** something up for bank to notice. (Archived)Darth_Kamcio62/5/2014