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Beauty Anais (Archived)
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orderofmaken192/4 10:13AM
Can shiny legendaries (or pokedit pokemon) go through bank w/o problems? (Archived)
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SageKabuto112/4 10:12AM
Have you ever had a pokemon just vanish on you? (Archived)GoGoat62/4 10:11AM
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I love how they block you from the server if you get disconnected. (Archived)Azardea92/4 10:09AM
How many pokemon would you do for a giveaway? (Archived)shadowreaper752/4 10:08AM
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YR: On Thursday, Pokebank is released in the Americas (Archived)wedontgetfooledagain32/4 10:07AM
Inb4 Wondertrade (Pokebank Style) (Archived)Carlos994102/4 10:04AM
Sending out a box of Kalos bred Snivies in Friend Balls (Archived)
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kadabrium132/4 10:04AM
I predict World War III... (Archived)Raltrios12/4 10:02AM
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About Poke miles... (Archived)NoisyPepper32/4 9:56AM
A question about mega evolution *spoilers* (Archived)blue_man72/4 9:56AM
Can someone aware me on pkmn that got buffed/improved in X/Y? (Archived)
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Blackucard232/4 9:53AM
This is some scary s*** (Pokemon Bank related)... (Archived)
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TheSnubbz112/4 9:51AM
Lol Battlespot (Archived)YoyokuKO82/4 9:50AM