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I wonder what his hair would look like in Pokemon Z (Archived)themagicpainman11/20 8:42PM
I hate Inverse battles this guy is hax (Archived)
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tremain07281/20 8:42PM
Ambipom would be so frigging sick in Inverse Battles (Archived)Reptobismol21/20 8:41PM
How much space (blocks) is needed for bank & transporter? (Archived)
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RemembranceSky131/20 8:39PM
I thought they was 30 boxes in this game? (Archived)NovaCast31/20 8:38PM
What should I evolve shiny eevee into? (Archived)dk210191/20 8:36PM
Dat Clefable (Archived)jmeistermcjable31/20 8:35PM
"Fooling" the Battle Maison (Archived)
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X Slayer007 X881/20 8:34PM
Which Pokebank regional Pokemon are the rarest? (Archived)King_of_Flan21/20 8:30PM
Pokemon fans, when it comes to region locking ... (Archived)Chenmaster211/20 8:19PM
Trying to fill up Pokedex. The Legendaries are going to be a nightmare. (Archived)
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hekifier161/20 8:13PM
Best thing you have received on Wonder Trade (Archived)
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hugo-n-kisses261/20 8:08PM
What's a good iv spread for mega kangishkan (Archived)HomieKnockout91/20 8:05PM
I totally forgot I needed Destiny Knot to have a good chance at a 5IV Pokemon. (Archived)Judgmenl11/20 8:02PM
just hatched a blue miltank thats 4 shiny pokemon i have come across this gen (Archived)setokaiba40071/20 8:01PM
Night Shade in Lv50 Battles (Archived)SaintZetsu51/20 8:00PM
OU RMT (caps) (Archived)jats60531/20 8:00PM
I actually found a good use for the 3DS stand. (Archived)YoungmanJenkins31/20 7:59PM
Trick Room Team help? (Archived)
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CasualShawn121/20 7:58PM
Moves that don't make sense to you (Archived)
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MissCarriage211/20 7:56PM