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What's a good build for Nidoking with Sheer Force? (Archived)
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Emi3280121/20 10:12AM
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If a grass starter get a Mega Evolution (Poll)
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Tatan_93221/20 10:08AM
Can someone confirm im doing this right? (Archived)Leoneth33331/20 10:05AM
Best Bug Mega Evolution? (Poll)
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NDN_Shadow201/20 9:58AM
The GTS needs an option to ask for pokemon not from your language... (Archived)
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kazooie959221/20 9:52AM
shiny torchic!!! but is it useable???? (Archived)
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roxxuss201/20 9:49AM
The starmie sweep! (Archived)The_Kid300061/20 9:47AM
Can I see my own safari pokemons? (Archived)LK_MASTER_GAMER41/20 9:47AM
How do you get ice shard and pursuit on weavile? (Archived)Oreos7471/20 9:40AM
Should I keep this Yveltal? (Archived)paintballers21/20 9:35AM
Where do you post pokemon showdown replays. (Archived)Assertingfire371/20 9:34AM
My new shiny Aerodactyl has a 2 IV in SpD (Archived)kazooie95951/20 9:34AM
An Idea for Pokemon Showdown alternative. (Archived)hodelino51/20 9:30AM
Bulbasaur vs. Charmander vs. Squirtle? (Archived)
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mightyminx191/20 9:20AM
I think my perfect Super Singles Chatelaine strategy really is perfect. (Archived)tutti71/20 9:17AM
Teenage Mutant Ninja Pokemon (Archived)Solar_Crimson21/20 9:15AM
Deoxys-D rocky helmet or leftovers? (Archived)Caolan_2k931/20 9:13AM
Video game look a likes (Archived)vicreve41/20 9:13AM
You think they'll ever make it so Legendaries can breed? (Archived)
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NOM231/20 9:05AM