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Best place to hatch eggs is definately outside of the Pokemon League. (Archived)
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Judgmenl191/22 4:46PM
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Glisocr EVs? (Archived)LightningAce1121/22 4:41PM
Is Escavalier useful outside of a Trick Room team? (Archived)Lady-Lucy41/22 4:32PM
What Fighting Type Pokemon do you want to see in Pokemon X Tekken on the Wii U? (Archived)
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PhantasmShot541/22 4:26PM
What's a good Pokemon to name it Spike ? (Archived)
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FunnyLoser201/22 4:25PM
Building my team using specific pokemon (Archived)alpachec31/22 4:24PM
YR: Iron Tail change (Archived)
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Musaashi131/22 4:24PM
How long does the Masuda Method take you? (Archived)
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lemurlol251/22 4:23PM
I got a crown on the Central and Coastal Kalos PokeDex, but not on Mountain? (Archived)MartinBrodeur31/22 4:22PM
Some teambuilding help. (Archived)TBW4Ever11/22 4:22PM
Just got a shiny umbreon from WT (Archived)ssupermario9261/22 4:20PM
I got a Snivy on wonder trade. (Archived)
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LightningAce11141/22 4:17PM
It is sooo satisfying to beat someone after they make fun of you @_@ (Archived)piranhapete91/22 4:17PM
anyone out there with pokebank willing to help me transfer? (Archived)Blazindj1321/22 4:14PM
lonely iron fist ch I'm char with thunder punch on wondertrade? (Archived)Fidchel41/22 4:10PM
Question to People with Pokemon Bank (Archived)RyanDaRaikou51/22 4:09PM
Hidden Power Value help? (Archived)Don_of_Blades51/22 4:08PM