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so, why do you guys care about shinies? (Archived)
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XcaIIion352/3 9:10PM
What item for my Scizor? (Archived)
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forceboy252/3 9:08PM
Give a Pokemon a second type (Archived)
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InninXI162/3 9:07PM
need some help with some Base Power calculations... (Archived)
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mrraiders76242/3 9:05PM
What Pokemon would compliment my team? (Archived)Mariofan4ever62/3 9:01PM
Do you like the new Pokemon website? (Poll)keyos2752/3 8:56PM
Language Setting and Region Flags (Archived)
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MASTERNO122/3 8:55PM
You know, after spending hours breeding and getting the 5 iv mons (Archived)LightningAce1152/3 8:54PM
IV's are pointless! (Archived)
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KokoFlow952/3 8:49PM
Inner Focus should prevent flinching with Focus Punch (Archived)
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hugo-n-kisses122/3 8:46PM
Can Psycho Shift pass on sleep via sleep talk? (Archived)Zelda_Aran62/3 8:41PM
Smeargle help (Archived)jsmaster7292/3 8:36PM
Can Machoke have a mega evo? (Archived)Blackcat012372/3 8:35PM
Mixed infernape, mach punch or u-turn? (Archived)Oreos74102/3 8:31PM
Best Shift Gear Genesect Set (Archived)jofotran2172/3 8:29PM
What to do with umbreon? (Archived)oq7ster42/3 8:26PM
The thing I love most about Scizor is that it has so many unique, effective buil (Archived)Daemonscharm62/3 8:19PM
Found a shiny druddigon.... (Archived)
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3i3333le23112/3 8:19PM
Sushi High Roller Restaurant (Archived)Brandon04248732/3 8:15PM
Rate the above poster's Battle Team out of 10 (Archived)MechaKirby22/3 8:14PM