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Ability Rater Day 50: Minus and Plus (Poll)
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ssupermario92142/3 9:46PM
Well found my last eeveelution for my team (Archived)Dante204982/3 9:41PM
Is there a way to get Heal Bell/Aromatherapy on a Chansey/Blissey in X/Y? (Archived)Mariofan4ever52/3 9:39PM
So, everything Nature Power turns into... (Archived)davidledsma82/3 9:38PM
Haha look at this pokemon showdown (Archived)
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likeabosssss142/3 9:36PM
How do people go about completing their national dex? (Archived)
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Homie_202112/3 9:33PM
Whats taking Nintendo so long for a Direct about PokeBank? (Archived)
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ZombieTJ101172/3 9:33PM
Think I finally found my dream AI partner in Super Multi Battle. (Archived)King_of_Flan102/3 9:30PM
Ninetales Vs Delphox (Poll)AuroraSonicBeam52/3 9:28PM
Which do you think is the best pokemon? (Poll)
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Dante2049142/3 9:23PM
I just had the weirdest battle ever in Showdown. (Archived)Model_Omega42/3 9:22PM
Why does air balloon announce that its being used? (Archived)
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MechaKirby202/3 9:21PM
Foggy areas in Pokemon Platinum (Archived)Sorbz32/3 9:21PM
Mega Regigigas: Huge Power, +95 atk, +5 speed. (Poll)Dorami92/3 9:18PM
having a hard time getting counter on a chansey ass egg move. (Archived)LeviathansWake72/3 9:18PM
How do you think we should be compensated for the maintenance down time? (Poll)
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Sloth9230142/3 9:16PM
GameTrailers Top 10 Pointless Pokemon (Archived)
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Rad_Dudesman262/3 9:14PM
I painted this monstrosity in 1998 (Archived)
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pokemon2poker162/3 9:11PM
What's a good Stoutland set? (Archived)hugo-n-kisses12/3 9:10PM
so, why do you guys care about shinies? (Archived)
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XcaIIion352/3 9:10PM