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best nature for khengiskhan? (Archived)Firebringer8741/14 10:06AM
I love VGC battles (Archived)
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Zerohour7231/14 10:00AM
I hatched 5 shiny gothitas within 1200 eggs (Archived)Absolutezero9361/14 9:56AM
What are some competitively good Pokebank pokemon? (Archived)Pervert_Kuhn41/14 9:54AM
Best nature for aiegslash? (Archived)
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sockrox211/14 9:53AM
Shiny Tyrunt was in my poke PC. and I didn't even know it! (Archived)
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LegendEX121/14 9:37AM
does cloyster learns water shuriken?? (Archived)
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lyhthegreat111/14 9:32AM
Create a hold item! (Archived)
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Pictocheat511/14 9:32AM
What are you looking forward to most when PB is released? (Archived)
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BurnedPotatoes551/14 9:24AM
Pokebank Celebi not given to me because I live in South East Asia. (Archived)CA0001101/14 9:22AM
how should i ev train xermas? (Archived)hesu200031/14 9:16AM
Cloyster Help (Archived)ThJok3r101/14 9:10AM
Wonder trading like six boxes of Tyrunt with four elemental fangs (Archived)
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Long_Bottom241/14 9:07AM