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Whic pokemon gen should I buy? (Archived)galpal198791/1 12:09AM
AAAAAAARRRRGGHH!! Which Ability to use for Aggron? And which Egg moves? (Archived)Raltrios41/1 12:08AM
Why does Fennekin (Fire) get one shot killed by Sawk (Fighting) (Archived)
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AAngelEyes341/1 12:05AM
Could this Suicune be legit? (Archived)Amazing Ampharos81/1 12:05AM
I just traded a Meowth for a Zekrom on gts... (Archived)XandYFanatic41/1 12:02AM
about the GTS (Archived)jdeo1997212/31 11:56PM
I just figured something out about Cyndaquil! (Archived)GangstaLizard95312/31 11:49PM
Gah. Breeding skarmory with brave bird and whirlwind. (Archived)
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astrangeone1112/31 11:47PM
What if Dragonite got brave bird? (Archived)
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TickleTub2112/31 11:41PM
Next game better have better customization options for males (Archived)ecylis312/31 11:40PM
gahhh got probably most common shiny waiting for pokebank in whate 2.. (Archived)wolfwing312/31 11:39PM
Does anybody else love Gyarados as much as me? (Archived)
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TickleTub1812/31 11:32PM
Still no Pokemon Bank, even on New Years Day (Archived)
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Dabrikishaw151912/31 11:31PM
People who offer real money for Pokemon (Archived)musumane412/31 11:27PM
Caught a Shiny Treveant! (Archived)DarkHeroZX1012/31 11:23PM
Blissey? (Archived)
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galpal19871312/31 11:21PM
Fletchinder/talonflame nickname (Archived)
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gamemaster7123312/31 11:20PM
C/D Mega Mawile should have been a regular evolution (Archived)
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TickleTub3512/31 11:19PM
Just got a 3DS and a copy of Y version looking for friends to add. (Archived)Kirayasha512/31 11:18PM
Natures for Eevee evolutions. (Archived)SomeLikeItHoth812/31 11:14PM