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does zen mode darmanitan have any use anywhere? (Archived)SpoonMan5432171/26 9:08AM
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Torchic speed? (Archived)
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sid9497191/26 9:04AM
Is Vaporeon + Gliscor + Ferrothorn a good defensive core? (Archived)
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inavnwor241/26 9:04AM
Hoenn and f***ing Sinnoh were 2 great f***ing regions (Archived)
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Daemonscharm231/26 9:02AM
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Pokemon related gift for girl - need input (Archived)
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TheRealNonRock441/26 8:56AM
What a close match! (Archived)Hydreigoon51/26 8:52AM
There is a 0% chance (Archived)
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Mxylbobator301/26 8:51AM
Fun Fact: (Archived)
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ColtCababa141/26 8:47AM
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Can the Master Ball be passed down in breeding? (Archived)Ghetsis31/26 8:39AM
Why do we judge pokemon games by generation (Archived)iKhan8881/26 8:36AM
Does switching the parents in the daycare affect the IV's passed when breeding? (Archived)Chaosmaster0041/26 8:35AM
Does the Masuda Method work with an English Ditto and Japanese Pokemon (Archived)Tebt31/26 8:29AM
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Wow... haha. Lady Gaga + Pokemon op (Archived)TaticalWarrior11/26 8:16AM
Barbaracle is an absolutely monster (Archived)
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Grkd131121/26 8:15AM
I spent ~6 hours on route 4 looking for a male Ralts before finally finding one. (Archived)DaFu09101/26 8:13AM