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Where/How to get Celebi? (Archived)Heavenboy8852/4/2014
Did Flare Blitz make any difference for Flareon? (Archived)
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WT Wars (Archived)DrDon_Chi12/4/2014
Move tutors and breeding question. (Archived)Jmandal62/4/2014
Communication with server was interrupted during your previous session... (Archived)xyzman52/4/2014
This is amazing. (Archived)gkathellar82/4/2014
Double-checking something regarding Celebi (Archived)RatheV22/4/2014
Just got a shiny Level 1 Umbreon on Wonder Trade (Archived)
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Why is there so few legendaries? *arguable spoilers* (Archived)AkimboP9092/4/2014
YR: Inverse Battle are the new standart battle now (Archived)hodelino72/4/2014
PokeBank Blocking? (Archived)
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to any europeans who have bank right now (Archived)Tatakai-No-Kami42/4/2014
Hurray for Europe! (Archived)Equinox_Shift12/4/2014
Seems that bank can now block unreleased HAs (Archived)kadabrium72/4/2014
Good defensive core? (Archived)
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Thoughts about the Pokebank EU Release? (Archived)
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Super Multi Battles are a pain. (Archived)King_of_Flan32/4/2014
Name your favorite shiny and in which pokeball you would put it in (Archived)
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Pokebank topic #34856291047 (I am not complaining in this one) (Archived)Mr_Golden_Sun22/4/2014
Call me stupid, but how do I access the transporter? (Archived)geo_GASman32/4/2014