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Chesnaught (Archived)vinhamon11/10 1:13AM
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will trick room take effect during the turn it was used? (Archived)poldual101/10 12:54AM
does an IV of 31 in speed not matter vs 30? (Archived)Gsus_9481/10 12:54AM
i'm breeding Minccinos and so far none w/ HA (Archived)
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ssupermario92111/10 12:52AM
Does any eevee/eeveelutions learn claw moves? (Archived)Chenmaster241/10 12:47AM
sylveon just almost singlehandedly ruined some guys pookebank gen 5 tream. (Archived)
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CarefreeDude121/10 12:39AM
does competitive work if the pokemon lowers its own stat? (Archived)poldual41/10 12:28AM
What do you think is a good nature for Protean Kecleon? (Archived)samescape41/10 12:27AM
What's the term for expecting something to be true thus tricking your senses (Archived)meestermj31/10 12:22AM
44 boxes...1,408 eggs later.... (Archived)
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Darksta161/10 12:21AM
ITT: Matches where you thought you'd lose (Archived)exid1121/10 12:12AM
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Ability glitch? (Archived)
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Towelieyee111/10 12:02AM
Is jordin sparks the hottest/ richest pokemon trainer ever ? (Archived)
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gamepimp12331/10 12:00AM
Gold Trainer Card! (Archived)jbwhites8621/9 11:58PM