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OMG! So lucky! (Archived)
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navi854122/1 10:07PM
A *serious* bank related topic. (Archived)waterdeepchu102/1 10:05PM
Cheetos! (Archived)Dante204942/1 10:04PM
Did Nintendo give us Zelda 4S because of Pokemon Bank delay? (Archived)
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DerekRoss272/1 9:57PM
So, am I the only person here who's not really digging this?! (Archived)
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Oni_Taedo202/1 9:57PM
dragonite set help (Archived)LeviathansWake102/1 9:51PM
Did you know? The term "furry" applies to 1/3 of all pokemon (Archived)Benify102/1 9:49PM
Can somebody explain little cup? (Archived)
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TheZestyAlex162/1 9:49PM
Did US get Pokebank or something? (Archived)sdfiqdha52/1 9:47PM
How good of a support/crippler mon is Regigigas in doubles? (Archived)ChapFromKrugis82/1 9:46PM
Hidden Ability breeding chance question (Archived)
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ShadowEspionage222/1 9:44PM
C/D: Next gen, Steel should resist Ghost again but not Dark (Poll)
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zelionx332/1 9:33PM
Should I bother with speed on my Mega Mawile? (Archived)xcrycry32/1 9:33PM
Mega Mawile coming through in the clutch! (replay) (Archived)0foralifetime12/1 9:26PM
How do you battle online? (Poll)
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davidledsma312/1 9:22PM
Caught 3 Shiny Golurks with 3 Different Abilities but no Shiny HA Phantump.... (Archived)
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faruway152/1 9:21PM
Some possible eeveelution names. (Archived)
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Davidk92152/1 9:19PM
Is there a way to Sketch Lunar Dance? (Archived)RAcastBlaster82/1 9:18PM
When does everybody think nintendo will update the pokemon bank announcement (Archived)kazooie95982/1 9:16PM
So is Bulkyrona the only reliable Mega Lucario counter/check? (Poll)
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Hierarchy225292/1 9:12PM