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Oh yeah i just got scammed (Archived)
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XialanPANDA121/2 12:06AM
What's the berry called that let's you... (Archived)
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lazymaster02141/2 12:03AM
Everyone who wants pokemon bank should... (Archived)SSJ4Arquillius31/2 12:01AM
I find it weird that a Pokeball with eyes is faster than most pokemon. (Archived)
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TheForevergelo161/1 11:59PM
First pokemon you got of the new year? (Archived)Vesuperia11/1 11:57PM
Am I a bad person? (Archived)Northernly91/1 11:56PM
Rumored Release Date For Pokebank? (Not Officially Confirmed) (Archived)
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bfidle271/1 11:56PM
Did you vote for Pokemon X/Y in GOTY for 3DS poll? (Poll)
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Safer_777631/1 11:55PM
Where is the Chilan berry among others? (Archived)discodancer7731/1 11:51PM
I demand compensation for nintendoo not giving us pokebank! (Archived)
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djmetal777331/1 11:50PM
Pokebank legends (Archived)
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AGmetaknight121/1 11:50PM
C/D we should be able to customize our pokemon (Archived)Run_2_the_Hills61/1 11:46PM
Can you PokeBank/PokeTransfer eggs? (Archived)Megumi sama31/1 11:46PM
why are hidden abilities of Gen 2 starters still not out (Archived)ssyl951/1 11:45PM
Why does everyone want a female eevee? (Archived)
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Falciel121/1 11:40PM
tips on getting a pokemon with exactly 30 IVs? (Archived)PokeMin11131/1 11:35PM
Need a 6th or mega. (Archived)
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FallenNex131/1 11:33PM
Starter Pokeball (Archived)DALFAN228831/1 11:29PM
Starters? (Archived)fluffy_monster21/1 11:27PM
We are not entitled to Bank but ARE entitled to Transporter (Archived)Munchbox1987101/1 11:26PM