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There will be no Hoenn remake in 2014 (Archived)ZombieTJ101102/3/2014
What ability do you want for Mega Gallade? (Archived)
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Who's excited for the Kanto Gym Leaders in Pokemon Z? (Archived)ice_phoenix_22/3/2014
You should be able to customize your mom next gen (Archived)SpunkySix82/3/2014
Should Umbreon get Prankster? (Archived)MechaKirby52/3/2014
Seriously Nintendo? (Archived)
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Would Granbull have been as a Normal/Fairy? (Archived)
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Think of a Pokemon... (Archived)
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How do you upload a video to the public and get the replay number? (Archived)Edgemaster7000032/3/2014
Remeber that Bug/Fairy Lunar Moth and the Bug/Rock Larvae months ago? (Archived)FryDays500012/3/2014
What did you name your superior frog? (Archived)BossBang12/3/2014
Who took your pokeginity? And when? (Archived)
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Is Petilil rare? (Archived)GeekyKitten32/3/2014
Your reaction: Season 4 of American Horror Story takes place in the pkmn world. (Archived)
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ive come to realize my two favorite playstyles are overload hyperoffense and (Archived)gamepimp1222/3/2014
Question about EVs and exp share (Archived)gotrdid909032/3/2014
Tbh, Greninja's design is the worst of the Kalos starters.. (Archived)
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M-Venusaur vs the World! (Archived)Hydreigoon32/3/2014
which pokemon was the first one to be domesticated? (Archived)
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What in OU will be suspected after the three up now? (Archived)
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