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There's someone that's cocky with Pokemon IRL and I want to have some fun. (Archived)
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LagoonTheCursed142/2 6:59AM
How viable is an annoyer Galvantula? (Archived)Pictocheat12/2 6:55AM
Showdown Replay: Bulk Up Mega Mewtwo Y (Archived)Rad_Dudesman62/2 6:50AM
Pkmn Showdown Replay (Archived)BloodlustSweden42/2 6:47AM
So I got a Shellder from Japan with Water Shuriken.... (Archived)
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hodelino232/2 6:33AM
What I'd want for gen 7 or later: Multiple Abilities at the Same Time (Archived)tiomasta12/2 6:14AM
Something that's always bugged me... (Archived)Vadmac52/2 6:13AM
Which Pokemon do you think will be sent to ubers in the next Suspect test? (Archived)Catalyst58692/2 6:05AM
what tier is diggersby at the moment? (Archived)DoobieScooby32/2 6:05AM
Any way to retrieve mega stone? (Archived)
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buttsteam122/2 5:50AM
5 IV Squirtle... (Archived)PoKeMoNsTrOsiTY82/2 5:45AM
Things you wish Pokemon fans would stop complaining about. (Archived)
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Hierarchy225242/2 5:45AM
Got this mewtwo, should I keep or soft reset? (Archived)
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passH2Os152/2 5:38AM
post game (Archived)Littlenicky198962/2 5:26AM
how many goomies have been produced worldwide (Archived)kadabrium62/2 5:23AM
if i have a fully ev trained blissey does it matter if it starts out as (Archived)setokaiba40032/2 5:09AM
Unown value on GTS (Archived)ActionButler32/2 4:42AM
Priority based abilities is annoying (Archived)
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fedartz292/2 4:34AM
Got the gold trainer card, not sure how... (Archived)Phampyx362/2 4:28AM
Need help for completing the pokemon national dex (Archived)Blastoise_dude52/2 4:19AM