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Unexpected pokemon sets? (Archived)proslayer24172/1 8:18AM
NNID and System Settings Region (Vivillon Patterns) (Archived)Unown_20142/1 8:15AM
I give up. (Archived)
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fedartz162/1 8:11AM
Do you think therell ever be another Darkrai event (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob122/1 8:10AM
Alright you meta gamers how would you design the various champions teams? (Archived)tremain0712/1 8:10AM
i dont get how people just use all their time to masuda method one pokemon (Archived)
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Oreos74392/1 8:01AM
Can I have the father pokemon? (appearance) (Archived)SuperSuikoden32/1 7:59AM
"Honestly, I don't get why people play the game in a different way than I do" (Archived)Rouenne12/1 7:58AM
Battle Spot Team Building Help. (Archived)Cody_Blackquill52/1 7:55AM
Welp, It's a Froakie and a Shiny and all. (Poll)Chaos_Colonel32/1 7:54AM
Black sluge hurting a poison pokemon (Archived)
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oq7ster112/1 7:54AM
Rotom-W makes me hate washing machines (Archived)
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Genericgamer667112/1 7:52AM
What's the percentage of breeding my hidden ability? (Archived)NickTheBanana42/1 7:51AM
Macho Brace+Pokerus+Horde Battle (Archived)Bsnoozer72/1 7:51AM
What's the most effective way to go about getting a Dark Void Smeargle? (Archived)
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vermillion719132/1 7:50AM
concepts that will never become pokemon (Archived)Doctor_Spanky62/1 7:48AM
Damn you Reggie! (Archived)Puglia7722/1 7:44AM
Which Pokemon has the highest Sp. Atk? Curious. (Archived)
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TrueGodPokemon122/1 7:42AM
bad*ss looking pokemon team (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob112/1 7:37AM
Are Double Battles more fun than Singles? (Archived)
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Heavenboy88492/1 7:31AM