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Do trainers in the Battle Maison switch out if you use Perish Song? (Archived)Ryo_Hayakawa21/18 4:30AM
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What's there to do after defeating the Elite 4 and Champion? (Archived)
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SoulAssassin226181/18 3:57AM
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Im new to breeding, which froakie should i keep? (Archived)chips_528101/18 3:41AM
Farfetch'd + Dux (Archived)
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BlueHarvestPOTW111/18 3:34AM
Geomancy Smeargle is amazing (Archived)Moe_Lester_1381/18 3:15AM
How hard to win against Cloyster (Archived)
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fedartz131/18 3:09AM
It boggles my mind why the changed HP to base 60 but didn't change.. (Archived)
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yzman441/18 2:53AM
Belly Drum Azumarill users be nothin' but a bunch of scurvy cowards! (Archived)
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CaptainZangoose551/18 2:43AM
The hardest breeding task. (Archived)ArmoredGuns101/18 2:36AM
Do monochrome pokemon stay monochrome? (Archived)kaitlyn696931/18 2:30AM
Can anything unboosted OHKO Evolite Porygon2? (Archived)
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Blackcat0123241/18 2:29AM
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