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finally smogon does something good (Archived)Digital_Knyte0722/2/2014
Man, Crawdaunt is just sick. Also need advice on my team (Archived)Cloudx662/2/2014
So Smogon... (Archived)chaosmagez62/2/2014
that makes twice now (Archived)Number4342/2/2014
Why is moody still banned from ubers? (Archived)
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What if Haxorus got speed boost? (Archived)
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Possible alternative to Pokebank? (Archived)
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No more pokebank topics? (Archived)Morningstar133792/2/2014
As much as I hate Gen IV, I gotta admit... (Archived)MechaKirby12/2/2014
In love with Analytic Starmie (Archived)lucascg12/2/2014
Anybody else notice that the Mega-Evolution Guru's Eyebrows are his hair? (Archived)kazooie95942/2/2014
Do you use smogons rules IF you are using the battling boards? (Archived)
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Why did gamefreak ban Deoxys-A? (Archived)
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At last, I've seen a Baton Pass Zapdos! (Archived)legendrider12/2/2014
Come on, I can't be the only one crushing on Korrina (Archived)SpunkySix82/2/2014
Nickname advice? (Archived)TcidenebT22/2/2014
Why do we put up with Game Freak's stubbornness? (Archived)
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What to do with the current pokemon, when you wanna reset? (Archived)
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Pokemon Amie Benefits (Archived)TakumiSama12/2/2014
What are all of the moves that change opponent's/partners abilities? (Archived)Miggi3Fr3sh52/2/2014