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Repel glitch returned D: (Archived)
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MaryBeth123321/11 7:48PM
Friend Safari Question :) (Archived)mandydgls51/11 7:47PM
Can someone please explain what happened? (PS! replay) (Archived)Xanoe_rules61/11 7:46PM
Approve of automatic transmission of your battle videos? (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon42121/11 7:45PM
Assault Vest Chandelure (Archived)
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VB-EthanH151/11 7:44PM
6IV HA Dratini with DD and ES! (Archived)TheEpicBro41/11 7:41PM
I hatched a shiny Totodile!!! but have a question... (Archived)strider_12351/11 7:36PM
YR: A new feature is implemented into Z's Wonder Trading (Archived)
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Reptobismol271/11 7:35PM
Emerald (Archived)
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JayBiGs86211/11 7:29PM
RIP Instacheck (Archived)Camper11621/11 7:22PM
My first Smogon battle (Archived)
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Lightflame121/11 7:21PM
Klefki Sweep (Archived)DrakJay61/11 7:20PM
Do u think the Aron Family should've been pure Steel types instead of Steel/Rock (Archived)TheSnubbz41/11 7:15PM
We should have a topic dedicated to posting, recommending and helping builds (Archived)Daemonscharm41/11 7:01PM
are there any pokemon that are impossible to get right now? (Archived)refn91/11 7:00PM
Trevenant breeding question (Archived)kokobeng1000021/11 6:56PM
Should the elemental pawnches be TMs? (Poll)
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Companion_Cube_191/11 6:53PM
I found and caught my first shiny!!! (Archived)Bloodiva31/11 6:52PM
Easy way to get reset bag? (Archived)Traitor_Kratos71/11 6:46PM
Hopefully I'm not the only one that has a problem with both Nintendo and Smogon (Archived)
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cardoor123 gf621/11 6:45PM