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Tell me the results of your hard work... (Archived)
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clayton1123261/17 9:21AM
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Shiny Pokemon from Unova without Pentagon? Real or fake? (Archived)ShinyPspTitans51/17 9:04AM
Physical Greninja in action part 2 (Archived)BackwardCap11/17 9:03AM
Anyone else notice this? (Archived)
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jogglypuff111/17 9:02AM
If a ditto copied a Zoroark under illusion, would ditto turn into Zoroark? (Archived)legendrider31/17 9:02AM
team with tyranitar and aggron (Archived)hibibibibib31/17 9:01AM
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Volt Tackle Pichu? (Archived)3i3333le2391/17 8:57AM
God im so glad I found pokemon showdown (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys61/17 8:55AM
Will There Be Another Mystery Dungeon This Year? (Archived)ZombieTJ10191/17 8:55AM
what pokemon are popular or high tier in x and y? (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys51/17 8:55AM
Epic Battle that is decided by one Critical Hit at the last second... (Archived)SilphSpectre21/17 8:51AM
Your reactions if they finally announced Pokebank to be out...11 months later (Archived)faruway31/17 8:41AM
Garchomp with Dragon Claw or Outrage (Archived)
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mikesthetruth181/17 8:39AM
how do get a copy of the same megastone!? (Archived)RentonThursten51/17 8:37AM
Is it pointless to use UU, RU, NU pokes when... (Archived)vanitas1181/17 8:33AM
I'm trying to understand... (Archived)
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FalxXD141/17 8:29AM
help for leftovers? (Archived)Thebdbd31/17 8:17AM
So, what can I get for Unown? (Archived)sdfiqdha71/17 8:16AM