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Golurk is freaking awesome (Archived)
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Hail_Berserk341/9 1:52PM
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Trading (Archived)Vitzle41/9 1:36PM
Saffron city should be just as big as Castelia and Luminose (Archived)Genericgamer66711/9 1:36PM
Tell how you got your Perfect IV Pokemon (Archived)
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Hawksron171/9 1:31PM
a girl in battle maison asked, 'i can haz battle?' (Archived)
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CarefreeDude111/9 1:30PM
Is it possible for lucario to have this moveset in game? (Archived)IIIPokeguyIII91/9 1:29PM
Do you have a pokecenter box set up for trading? (Archived)WizardofHoth11/9 1:27PM
Venusaur - HP Fire or Ice? (Archived)
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quad_draxis201/9 1:26PM
So without Action Replay... (Archived)
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BluesSoul617301/9 1:23PM
Noob LF help (Archived)0AbsolutZero041/9 1:22PM
Mind= LOWN-- Pokemon Amie (Archived)
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EmptyStar12121/9 1:21PM
Is Jolly Talonflame the popular nature or Adamant? (Archived)chaosmagez71/9 1:20PM
Friend safari question (Archived)TraBot51/9 1:16PM
What is your favorite shiny? (Archived)
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makeyurself261/9 1:15PM
How much would Mega Gyarados benefit from Swift Swim? (Archived)themagicpainman31/9 1:14PM
What can a gengar without any special move do? (Archived)kadabrium101/9 1:14PM
What if Hail did type based damage? (Archived)fddsfsasf11/9 1:13PM