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Since gfreak (and life in general) loves to troll, *pokebank related* (Archived)
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Ku-Ri-Boh311/29 8:40PM
Need help from an Aurorus expert. (Archived)
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hodelino181/29 8:37PM
Should I buy a Japanese 3DS (Archived)
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zelionx331/29 8:37PM
ATTN: Any battler in the North Jersey and possibly NYC area (Archived)Puglia7741/29 8:31PM
Does anybody else think Paralyses is too much? (Archived)trigga0691/29 8:30PM
Post the most silly strategy you can think of (Archived)
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cocomunga221/29 8:29PM
Pokebank? (Archived)X-KID9061/29 8:24PM
Pickpocket worth it on weavile? (Archived)Oreos7471/29 8:23PM
Water and Ice are now super effective against each other (Archived)ssupermario9271/29 8:14PM
EV question (Archived)warrior6882351/29 8:07PM
Battle implementation (Archived)xJSROBBIEx31/29 8:06PM
XY Poll #1: What is your favorite Lumiose Attraction? (Poll)
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TrainerAura121/29 8:06PM
How many ragequits do people play on you have a day? (Archived)
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davidledsma201/29 8:05PM
Pokebank preparations (Archived)Ypsiruonu81/29 8:02PM
Does anyone here agree that all of the Incense's are obsolete? (Archived)
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TheSnubbz161/29 7:56PM
My Worst Rated Battle (Archived)Ethanb90011/29 7:56PM
"Basking Lizards" Sun Team. Improvements? (Archived)Edgemaster7000071/29 7:55PM
What to name male Milotic V2 (Poll)LagoonTheCursed41/29 7:46PM
Just hatched a Milotic with the right IV spread..It's male. What to nickname it? (Poll)
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LagoonTheCursed181/29 7:45PM
Which nature for Wobbuffet? (Archived)navi85481/29 7:44PM