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I Think I Overdid It >.> (Archived)
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TG_Wolf161/19 10:04PM
How did you fare at the VGC? (Archived)Dante2049101/19 10:03PM
Almost got swept by a Muk.. (Archived)digthasucka5x71/19 10:03PM
Looks like i got the BATTLE HAXS on BATTLE MASION! (Archived)
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legendxofxsky131/19 10:00PM
lol Trade Board XD (Archived)Sloth9230101/19 9:59PM
I BP'd 3 acid armors and wish from Vaporeon to my 252hp/252def Impish MegaAggron (Archived)GhoullyX41/19 9:57PM
Did you guys know M-Heracross has base 185 Atk? (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform451/19 9:49PM
okay one last question about iv breeding.. (Archived)bluegirlfriend51/19 9:48PM
bulky defender for my partty? (Archived)Fidchel71/19 9:44PM
could this be a good battle maison team? (Archived)tiamat99911/19 9:37PM
How do you get a No Guard Karrablast? (Archived)SkylaIsMyWife41/19 9:34PM
is there a way to play co op in battle mansion? (Archived)landsharkx61961/19 9:33PM
Funny link (Archived)
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likeabosssss471/19 9:26PM
Any of these other Pokemon games worth playing? (Archived)soothsayer7791/19 9:25PM
So...the hax maison... (Archived)pikapikasalsh11/19 9:23PM
I need a bit of clarification before I start breeding my pair of Chimchars (Archived)Edgemaster97101/19 9:21PM
Quick question regarding vivillion (Archived)AChubbyNun101/19 9:17PM
Sawsbuck Hax (Archived)Puppyfaic51/19 9:16PM
Which gen did it the best? Day 40 - Fire-types (Poll)
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ThatKipp371/19 9:16PM
Pokemon Z is already being hinted? (Archived)
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Aurawhisperer161/19 9:15PM