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Tyrunt question. (Archived)Darksta212/30 7:30AM
Is it possible to disable spectating on Showdown? (Archived)
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Toadster90011812/30 7:23AM
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Do you know at least one of EVERY Pokemon's abilities (Archived)giants9281512/30 7:22AM
So with Pokemon bank.... (Archived)
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Darksta1112/30 7:21AM
RMT pls (Archived)OfficialAce-Kun512/30 7:20AM
Can anyone let me know my TSV?:) (Archived)Smazhh612/30 7:18AM
Question about Pokemon stats: Hindering, Neutral, Beneficial nature (Archived)JudgeMaster412/30 7:17AM
Have there been any updates on the "Attractions" section of the Global Link? (Archived)MisterMyster614312/30 6:59AM
C/D: Talonflame would have been way better with Normal/Flying (Archived)
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PokeMin1111912/30 6:57AM
The most painful looking attack animations (Archived)
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FryDays50002212/30 6:55AM
Got a Feebas (true story) (Archived)FrostMeister212/30 6:50AM
is it TRUE? ? ? (Archived)manlyman69812/30 6:47AM
Does anyone... (Archived)Sol_Luna212/30 6:46AM
Wonder Trade is terribad tonight (Archived)
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ShadowUmbreon423312/30 6:45AM
Certain legendaries change abilities on transfer? (Archived)Parukia256712/30 6:45AM
pokemon bank help (Archived)ash42434512/30 6:43AM
Will pokecheck work with X and Y? (Archived)BlackFeathers212/30 6:26AM
So are we done complaining about Pokebank? (Archived)
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boombasticals1312/30 6:15AM
Already filled 4 boxes while using MM (Archived)vanitas11712/30 6:06AM