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post game (Archived)Littlenicky198962/2/2014
how many goomies have been produced worldwide (Archived)kadabrium62/2/2014
if i have a fully ev trained blissey does it matter if it starts out as (Archived)setokaiba40032/2/2014
Unown value on GTS (Archived)ActionButler32/2/2014
Priority based abilities is annoying (Archived)
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Got the gold trainer card, not sure how... (Archived)Phampyx362/2/2014
Need help for completing the pokemon national dex (Archived)Blastoise_dude52/2/2014
So if Yveltal and Xerneas represent Y and X... (Archived)
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evee doesnt evolve? (Archived)songoku25292/2/2014
Do you guys get tired in playing this game, go on a hiatus, then play it again? (Archived)Kyubey_daINCUBA82/2/2014
Empoleon's ability should have been changed to competitive (Archived)gamepimp1252/2/2014
Do pokemon lose affection over time? (Archived)mech dragon32/2/2014
February event/ (Archived)
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What are all possible Counters and Checks to M-Lucario? (Archived)100Dumplings82/2/2014
Ideas for future games. (Archived)
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Rate the Looks of my Shiny List? (Archived)
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what happens when you're a high rank in global link? (Archived)toothpiq12/2/2014
the most broken pokemon of all time (Poll)
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Is it bad to remove a pokemon from the day care when you MM? (Archived)deidara2132/2/2014
Do you think that Steven Stone will make an appearance in Kalos? (Archived)Nightstar199472/2/2014