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What was the best GTS trade you got so far after the PokeBank release? (Archived)
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zantx3712/31 2:04PM
So what would be the best items for a life-drain team? (Archived)AsSeenOnTheNet312/31 2:00PM
When do you think Pokemon Bank will be released in the US? (Poll)
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bfidle1712/31 1:55PM
My Mega Charizard Y/X (rate pls) (Archived)
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thiaguinhohp1512/31 1:54PM
Braixen is really cute. Chandelabra's animation makes me really happy. (Archived)
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VandalCrown1812/31 1:46PM
I just had incredibly stupid luick this battle (Archived)TheForevergelo312/31 1:44PM
anyone know (breeding) (Archived)darxus912/31 1:43PM
Are there any benefits you can get for the main series by playing the spin-offs? (Archived)dj42421012/31 1:41PM
Viability of a proposed Milotic? (Archived)
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PaladinAlik1712/31 1:41PM
Question about adding people to Friend Safari (Archived)Golden Nirvana112/31 1:36PM
R/S Nuzlocke Question (Poll)Devin879912/31 1:36PM
Cynthia: overrated. Diantha: underrated. (Archived)
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darealest4712112/31 1:35PM
Is Friend Safari linked to 3DS code or trainer number? (Archived)Tacoman561712/31 1:29PM
What if zebstrika/luxray recieved bolt strike? (Archived)Felix6464712/31 1:29PM
No ones tried new egg moves on Florges yet? (Archived)WhalinDan212/31 1:25PM
If not for Fairy, Dragon/Fighting would be unstoppable (Archived)
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Diayamondo2112/31 1:25PM
2013 was the Year of Luigi. 2014 should be the Year of Charizard (Archived)
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iKhan881812/31 1:21PM
When are the IV's of Moltres determined? (Archived)lostaname412/31 1:19PM
C/D: There should be an Ice type status move that freezes the opponent (Archived)
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J_Applei2312/31 1:15PM
We need more food Pokemon. Vanillish isn't enough. (Archived)
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ThatKipp3112/31 1:15PM