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The Lansat Berry tree has 4 berries! (Archived)tutti41/31/2014
Need nickname for my Porygon2 (Archived)
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Guise my aunt's brother's son has an exclusive insight into Nintendo of America. (Archived)Muffinz0rz81/31/2014
give me a synopsis of ash ketchum up through the end of hoen (Archived)
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Should VapoRubOn have a hypen? (Archived)Smasher12345631/31/2014
any chance in z we will be able to have our pokemon follow us like in hgss (Archived)
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Beta Competition thing is now a thing. (Archived)Mean_Beanie31/31/2014
Unique Movesets (Archived)chew_man331/31/2014
Honestly... do you even LIKE most shinies? (Archived)
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Please rate these Fakemon; the Legendary Fiends. (Archived)Davidk9251/31/2014
Not a fan of klefki? (Archived)animefan100081/31/2014
Okay, its been 3 days. My phantump breeding is NOT working. What is wrong?!! (Archived)
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Anime Related. Pokemon Eggs (Archived)MegaSableye51/31/2014
So what's a good Special Sweeper right now? (Archived)
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manibuzz discussion (Archived)
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Assault Vest Vespiquen your so wonderful (Archived)legendrider41/31/2014
Why do people think slurpuff sucks? (Archived)
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Pick my new showdown team! (Archived)fredie1171/31/2014
Using Bank Legendaries in Rated Battles (Archived)
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are some eggs broken (friend wants to know) (Archived)Faust2122021/31/2014