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I didn't f***ing sleep last night and kept dreaming of breeding f***ing Pinsir (Archived)
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Daemonscharm131/15 12:23PM
What do you think Game Freak are really doing? (Poll)OfficialAce-Kun71/15 12:23PM
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Lopunny is immune to Lick (Archived)
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Ku-Ri-Boh411/15 12:20PM
Breloom is so clutch (Archived)
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Dr_Glorydays141/15 12:18PM
I hate wonder trade's save function (Archived)Traitor_Kratos31/15 12:18PM
Okay I have a unown now how do I get bank legends (Archived)
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gamepimp12181/15 12:18PM
Weezing Build? (Archived)mattgavin31/15 12:16PM
Egglocke time!! Need egg donations please! (Archived)
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Halaisa991/15 12:15PM
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What should i do with this shiny eevee? (Archived)sicnarf9341/15 12:04PM
Man Mewtwo is a struggle to catch without the masterball... (Archived)
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legendrider181/15 12:04PM
Curse you Masuda Method RNG..... (Archived)
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Malikishtel151/15 12:03PM
Are event pokemon that special? Should I buy Pokemon Y to get another Torchic? (Archived)
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gildedgirth141/15 12:01PM