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Bisharp sets? (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer21/31/2014
Okay, so a Rotom with some perfect IVs isn't worth any Clefairy on GTS. What is? (Archived)Reptobismol101/31/2014
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Best nature for Infernape? (Archived)LightningAce1141/31/2014
Should Mega Aerodactyl be Adamant or Jolly? (Archived)zelionx51/31/2014
does having mother and father with HA (Archived)Lacrymosa14331/31/2014
How good is/any sets for Protean (Archived)WiiareVenom21/31/2014
Quick question about the Masuda Method :D (Archived)bloopertime61/31/2014
why is pursuit such an overlooked option for aegislash? murks latios/latias (Archived)
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Level 100 Magikarp (Archived)gofghxg41/31/2014
Suppose you won a contest hosted by Gamefreak... (Archived)
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At last, I've obtained the shiny charm. (Archived)Hydreigoon31/31/2014
Wait, wait, wait. (Not bank related) (Archived)
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Finally got my Shiny Absol (Archived)tarzanmx11/31/2014
What Is A Perfect Japanese 6IV Ditto Worth In A Trade? (Archived)
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Are 6 IV Japanese Ditto just floating all over the GTS? (Archived)SteelPunk80891/31/2014
Might try out a Mono type team. Tips/Advices? (Archived)ThatGuyOverDer41/31/2014
What level does Arbok evolve into Seviper? (Archived)
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How do I pass on Pokerus? (Archived)mech dragon51/31/2014