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Move sets for my shinies please (Archived)Cosmoesis11/29 3:27PM
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Canonically, has anyone ever completed the National Dex except for the player? (Archived)King_of_Flan71/29 3:20PM
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Which Pokemon didn't get any help from it's Mega (Archived)
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dj4242281/29 3:16PM
Why no shiny "mini" sprites? (Archived)CarefreeDude41/29 3:15PM
What's some of the stuff you're transferring? (Archived)
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KaraCharizard12161/29 3:15PM
Mixed Aegislash Speed IVs? (Archived)chaosbear54021/29 3:14PM
I wonder what a Shiny MissingNo. would look like! (Archived)
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DarthNightmaric181/29 3:14PM
Is Friend Safari glitching for anyone else? (Archived)StellaLunaris41/29 3:12PM
I wanna name an Arceus "Ashunera" (Archived)navi85441/29 3:12PM
How good is Mega Lucario as a mixed sweeper? (Archived)Rouenne11/29 3:11PM
Do you think people collect worthless pokemon just to wonder trade them? (Archived)Chaos4629051/29 3:10PM
Wonder traded away my jolly 6IV shiny gible (Archived)
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BrockObana271/29 3:08PM
Friend Safari shiny hunting.. (Archived)
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Darksoulx993301/29 3:08PM
Why do people forfeit battles? (Archived)
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MegaSableye341/29 3:07PM
serious question (Archived)goyetche11/29 3:07PM
Even with all the parahax in the world, persevere! Showdown Battle Video! (Archived)Reshiblue51/29 3:06PM
Just caught a shiny Vanillite lol!! (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger201/29 3:05PM
I just poked my Magnemite in Amie! (Archived)hodelino31/29 3:03PM