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If you saw a Pikachu walking down the street... (Poll)
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What is Nintendo Wi-Fi connection ID? (Archived)Unown_20131/31/2014
help for mono-electric team (Archived)hippyshade11741/31/2014
My Trolls are so f****** good, i got a "imposter." (Archived)legendxofxsky81/31/2014
How's using Starmie on a Terrain team? (Archived)legendrider61/31/2014
Stupid question. But how do I get pain split on Cofagrigus? (Archived)Jigglybuff31/31/2014
Spikes and entry hazards... (Archived)cr4a5y31/31/2014
EVs for the following? (Archived)Is_Corrupted61/31/2014
Looking to trade my Charzardite X for someones Y . (Archived)bdpbernz2321/31/2014
This is old news but... (Archived)
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does using o power, or turning off your game make it harder to hatch a shiny?? (Archived)mrraiders7651/31/2014
Oval Charm (Archived)bwebber1791/31/2014
Is Nintendo delaying Bank for every tweet about it? (Archived)
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I know why Pokebank is taking so long (Archived)ice_phoenix_91/31/2014
Let's say only gen I pokemon exist...Which non-gen I pokemon would be most OP... (Archived)Darth_Kamcio71/31/2014
throh discussion (Archived)arumagesuto51/31/2014
Check out these dedicated Pokemon trainers! (Archived)Meta28921/31/2014
If I named my Aegislash Fi, would it automatically become super annoying? (Archived)
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BIGGEST mistake in xy? (Archived)
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This is all leading up to a Phoenix Wright crossover (Archived)
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