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Would anyone like differently typed starters next gen? (Archived)
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piranhapete121/28 9:14AM
1. Do you use Mega Mawile? 2. If so, is it just like everyone else's Mega Mawile (Archived)
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pokemon2poker501/28 9:05AM
quick question? (Archived)invaderofdark61/28 8:45AM
YR: Greninja gets... (Archived)ice_phoenix_81/28 8:31AM
Game Synch and Pokemiles (Archived)pmaster21/28 8:31AM
Create a mega (Archived)
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NeedProteanFroa321/28 8:30AM
Poll: Do you nickname your Pokemon? (Poll)
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dillpickle69301/28 8:27AM
Quick question about raising friendship :D (Archived)bloopertime61/28 8:19AM
How many of you would play an Animal Crossing spin-off of Pokemon? (Poll)
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SorrySleeping151/28 8:15AM
How good is gyarados and mega gyarados (Archived)Fidchel51/28 8:12AM
Mega Aggron combined with full iron defence boost.... (Archived)legendrider81/28 8:12AM
Help with Mega Venusaur (Archived)forceboy71/28 8:07AM
Need help team building (Archived)Cenedarprime21/28 8:01AM
Terrifying Pikachu! (Archived)PGM8761/28 8:00AM
Whats the most written Topic you seen on a Pokemon board:-) (Poll)Hawksron91/28 8:00AM
Hey look. No pokebank. (Archived)
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dk2101411/28 7:58AM
There has to be somebody who... (Archived)Gsus_9471/28 7:54AM
someone gived me 0iv shiny suicune an GTS (Archived)
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TurboAE86111/28 7:47AM
Who ur favorite of the forces of nature looks wise an which forme? (Archived)Tyler_strazza81/28 7:45AM
Am I a bad person if I buy pokemon on ebay? (Archived)
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Qc89501/28 7:38AM