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Your favourite Pokemon battle and why? (Archived)Distance-Gary51/30 6:08AM
Uhm, need some competitive help. (Archived)
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TheGreatThonA361/30 6:08AM
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What's the difference between Paul and Gary? (Archived)
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Kadoatie111/30 6:03AM
Is Chlorophyll Lilligant a good counter to Greninja? (Archived)
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pkivysaur171/30 6:01AM
Interesting, 12pm today is exactly Lunar New Year (Archived)Pupu2791/30 6:01AM
Is nidoking becoming a thing? (Archived)
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YoyokuKO251/30 5:57AM
pikachu tail? (Archived)samuraiofheaven41/30 5:54AM
So how would it change if Fairy was weak to Fire, Electric and Ice? (Archived)BalloonBattle0541/30 5:53AM
Where is pokebank? (Archived)
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Chaos46290261/30 5:46AM
Any reason to level up eevee before evolving it? (Archived)UsernamesRlame41/30 5:24AM
Porygon Z opinions. (Poll)BadDecisions81/30 5:19AM
Still no bank. I live in west coast (Archived)
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sahilmohammad241/30 5:12AM
The best thing since sliced bread. (Archived)Pyro_of_Izalith21/30 4:59AM
Porygon2 EV spread? (Archived)hodelino31/30 4:55AM
how do you upgrade o powers? (Archived)Chaos4629071/30 4:44AM
Does the eShop update itself? (Archived)
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Caolan_2k9141/30 4:41AM
Horde EV training: Nosepass used block! (Archived)hodelino21/30 4:31AM
So I just heard from Pokemiles... (Archived)
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hodelino111/30 4:28AM
What happens to Friend Safari, Friends List if... (Archived)IzzyRX61/30 4:24AM