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Cooking up Kingler! (Archived)
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IrisVile121/29 12:54PM
Iron ball Aegislash with gyro ball... (Archived)CarefreeDude31/29 12:51PM
Any Pokemon you've encountered online that you have no clue what it can do? (Archived)
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LightningAce11221/29 12:49PM
Jackpot in breeding (Archived)
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Darcos131/29 12:43PM
Lmao, was looking for a Bronzong in the FS and encountered a shiny one (Archived)Hydreigoon71/29 12:43PM
The random number generator is being an ass towards me. (Archived)Chaos4629031/29 12:37PM
Using natural gift Tropius has saved me against a few poison types (Archived)legendrider41/29 12:37PM
Never made one of these...Rate my team? (Archived)Harvestboy77761/29 12:36PM
Glaceon hax! (Archived)MikeyM197931/29 12:36PM
Go to route 21 and use fissure on an Ursaring. (Archived)Froakiebloke11/29 12:29PM
pokemon Z should/must (Archived)
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CubeTheLwNoob111/29 12:28PM
So I'm guessing that Shiny Protean Greninja is this gen's overused shiny? (Archived)
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_Taidow_151/29 12:19PM
Help with genderless team. (Archived)
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hodelino161/29 12:19PM
Shiny Ponyta (Archived)deannal452331/29 12:14PM
Is there anyone.. (Archived)
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Darkphonix919441/29 12:12PM
Flareon now Usable? (Archived)
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Jkickit131/29 12:08PM
Organisation Ideas? (Archived)Unown_20111/29 12:05PM
Speaking of Rayquaza...what's the difference between air lock and cloud nine? (Archived)legendrider91/29 12:05PM
Poor Metagross could use a buff. (Archived)
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Companion_Cube_181/29 12:05PM
What's your Rating Battle record? (Archived)Spiral5581/29 12:02PM