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F***ing Masuda Method? More like s***! (Archived)
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joey11223191/27 2:41PM
should i use mega gyarados or regular gyarados (Archived)tiamat99941/27 2:35PM
Why do I never see Mega Blastoise in competitive battles? (Archived)Bugorchestra81/27 2:28PM
Mixed aegislash? (Archived)
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Atownsduke111/27 2:28PM
How rare is a 6iv Ditto in FS? (Archived)
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Does anybody actually think pokebank will get released this week? (Archived)
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Caolan_2k9441/27 2:17PM
Anyone capable of .png quality screenshots for this game? (Archived)Amesang11/27 2:14PM
why do people still care about bank (Archived)
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Teh_Tiltyu181/27 2:13PM