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Which one of these would you rather have? (Poll)
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fawful_X131/14 2:37PM
I'm the leader of a Fire Gym..... (Archived)
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Nitemare667281/14 2:36PM
Has the chance to catch/hatch shinies really increased? (Archived)sockrox21/14 2:35PM
Who's the best Drizzler? There's a P, an O, a eye, a T for Troll (O.W.L. score) (Archived)GirlHope71/14 2:29PM
Regibuffs (Archived)Hi-Ho-Diddly-Do51/14 2:28PM
Wait so why is pokebank even being delayed? (Archived)Caolan_2k981/14 2:22PM
When is poke bank available in the UK ? (Archived)Laughing_Cat91/14 2:21PM
Why aren't my Latias and Latios making an egg? (Archived)
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CarefreeDude331/14 2:15PM
Another tweet on Nintendo's twitter! (Archived)
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Bugorchestra131/14 2:15PM
Do you think gamefreak could put more effort into making these games? (Archived)LightningAce1181/14 2:15PM
Crawdaunt is pretty good now (Archived)kabigon2021/14 2:13PM
Moves you wish the Starters could've gotten (Archived)Puppyfaic21/14 2:13PM
Question. Why do all sleep inducing moves have such low accuracy? (Archived)
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Kimbos_Egg221/14 2:13PM
If you get traded a pokemon, is it added to your pokedex? (Archived)locky72321/14 2:09PM
Do you feel that this team would be considered fairly diverse and balanced... (Archived)bladedwraith151/14 2:08PM
Is the hidden ability sandrush... (Archived)sockrox51/14 2:06PM
Balloon Popping... So many questions (Archived)waterdeepchu11/14 2:02PM
Is there a camera hack in pokemon? (Archived)Silent0ne21/14 1:59PM
So these Pokebank whiners on Facebook... (Archived)
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Dark Young Link251/14 1:55PM
Trevenant (sp?) Question! (Archived)Inferno0521/14 1:55PM