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For a mixed attacker greninja, how should i split the EV's? (Archived)Oreos7421/30/2014
Two questions (Archived)blue_man31/30/2014
IF Pokebank released today... (Archived)
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Would you forfeit your free trial + pay an additional $4.99 to get Pokebank now? (Poll)
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How is Scolipede not OU (Archived)
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Is this Mewtwo alright for a Mega Mewtwo X? (Archived)Shigmiya6421/30/2014
Help me choose the Kanto Starter! (Archived)Brandon04248761/30/2014
This is a trading topic (don't report) (Archived)Rayquaza_is_Z71/30/2014
Stupid question (Archived)Luigi4President51/30/2014
How come salamence isn't used much these days? (Archived)
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6vs6 on battlespot? (Archived)YoyokuKO21/30/2014
WAAAAAY back on December 25th.... (Archived)Mordenheim71/30/2014
Tackle is a pretty terrible move. (Archived)
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What if we never got Pokebank, but got every Mythical Legendary through events? (Archived)King_of_Flan91/30/2014
Pokemon with no weaknesses? (Archived)
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I just might be bored enough... (Archived)Chaos4629041/30/2014
Looking for FCs, plenty of room for more (Archived)pfpokemon31/30/2014
One thing that bugs me... (Archived)Ghetsis91/30/2014
can you use o-powers at battle maison (Archived)setokaiba40021/30/2014
possible to transfer from GBA Pokemon via DS Lite? (Archived)
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