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HEY! YOU just bred me... and this is CRAZY...! (Archived)legendxofxsky41/29/2014
Chainfished my first shiny earlier tonight (Archived)Look_A_Username71/28/2014
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Anything special in the pokemon village? (Archived)Kostie100101/28/2014
Even though Parental Bond is broken as hell in terms of gameplay... (Archived)
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What are the differences between Smogon and Pokemon Online? (Archived)Kanjuro51/28/2014
My Luxray (Archived)Sorbz41/28/2014
IV question (Archived)warrior6882361/28/2014
Ideas For Gen 7 (Archived)
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So what is it with all of these "Pokebank is coming out tonight" topics? (Archived)
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Wide Guard on Aegislash (Archived)HHDeception51/28/2014
Which does milotic do better: MS Rest-Talk or recover stall? (Archived)DoobieScooby71/28/2014
Smogon is not competitive battling (Archived)
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Delphox: great starter, or greatest starter? (Poll)
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Level caps on traded Pokemon? (Archived)RatheV61/28/2014
Pretty lucky Xerneas catch... (Archived)ArmaLeyvaten81/28/2014
Randomly hatched a 5IV shiny Chimchar. What moveset should i give it? (Archived)SoulAssassin22671/28/2014
"Should I even bother with Mega-Lucario?" (Archived)
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Do U consider this cheating if U trade so U can evolve ur Pokemon duringNuzlocke (Archived)Chenmaster291/28/2014