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Battling over the years. (Archived)stangkid9541/30/2014
Trick Room Team Battle Videos! (Archived)Brewster12351/30/2014
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New abilities that older pokemon should get (Archived)Brandon04248751/30/2014
What's the chance of passing abilities with Ditto? (Archived)Phoenix_Heart21/30/2014
Are the black dots on Goomy its eyes or its nostrils? (Archived)Ghetsis101/30/2014
Knock off has been buffed? (Archived)nskyliner3471/30/2014
Brave Bird should give 100% recoil when hitting rock or steel types (Archived)
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Porygon2: Shadow Ball vs Tri Attack (Archived)LingLing_77741/30/2014
Aurorus and Tyrantrum should have signature moves that abuse their abilities (Archived)
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What if there is no Nintendo Direct this month? (Archived)ZombieTJ10181/30/2014
"6IV Pokerus!" (Archived)
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Shuckle sticky web support? (Archived)Sylph_Blade11/30/2014
31/xx/31/31/31/31 and 31/31/31/xx/31/31 is the ideal situation right to get (Archived)Chenmaster281/30/2014
Weather 6 gen (Archived)ArmyRecruit41/30/2014
These DCers are starting to get to me... (Archived)
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LF HELP!!!! Pls (Archived)Adumigan51/30/2014