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How much base power does an Iron Fist boosted Fire Punch have? (Archived)Bugorchestra51/5 12:47PM
Who here isn't buying Pokebank because of how things were handled. (Archived)
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360pages561/5 12:45PM
YR Steel type buff... (Archived)DrSmiley7261/5 12:41PM
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Rayquaza (Archived)musumane61/5 12:36PM
Is this possible to enjoy without getting into the nitty gritty? (Archived)
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tremain07231/5 12:34PM
I'm starting to wonder if the pokebank hack filter is getting improved upon (Archived)
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CarefreeDude111/5 12:32PM
Can someone help me trade stuff between my games? (Archived)nolinc101/5 12:31PM
If you encounter a hacked pokemon with non-abnormal stats, cry to gamefreak... (Archived)pcmike221/5 12:31PM
I haven't played pokemon in a while (Archived)Magmasta11/5 12:30PM
does anyone have a "celebrate" smeargle (Archived)rpg94101/5 12:28PM
YR: Pokebank is deemed unprofitable and will never get a release outside Japan. (Archived)
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Muffinz0rz181/5 12:27PM
GameFAQs' favorite Pokemon redone! Round 1- Rock types (1) (Poll)
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pafbonk151/5 12:27PM
Imagine if Steel still resisted Dark and Ghost.... (Archived)legendrider21/5 12:23PM
Manerin (Malamar)'s inaugural battle! (Archived)Azure_Flame61/5 12:18PM
Gengar you have served me well but I think our time together has ended (Archived)
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Daemonscharm181/5 12:18PM
Is something wrong with GTS right now? (Archived)
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Kide87181/5 12:18PM