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Stone Edge or Superpower For Torterra? (Archived)BurnedPotatoes31/20 9:44PM
Serebii, Bulbapedia, and Smogon should have an epic battle. (Archived)
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sammyslammer871/20 9:41PM
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What do you think the Shiny Gen 6 Legends look like? (Archived)
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Arranos111/20 9:36PM
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Choice Specs Rotom-w (Archived)Yami_no_Unmei61/20 9:24PM
Question about Golett/Golurk's hidden ability and move (Archived)
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myfinalwarning131/20 9:23PM
Charizard X vs Dragonite (Archived)
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Sylveon251/20 9:22PM
Which pkmn need a 0 Speed IV besides Ferro, Forretress, Slowbrah, and Aegislash (Archived)
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giants9281201/20 9:21PM
Ability Rater Day 35: Synchronize (Poll)ssupermario9291/20 9:20PM
clefable? (Archived)Jeb411/20 9:18PM
Why did they make some mega stones exclusive to a certain version? (Archived)Artillatron791/20 9:17PM
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Had enough of these Pokemon... (Archived)ShinyTepig51/20 9:16PM
What happens if Aegislash acquires the "mummy" ability? (Archived)elnimio91/20 9:13PM
Can Inverse battles be done online? (Archived)
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SuprSaiyanRockr111/20 9:09PM
Moveset and Spread for Diggersby & Slurpuff (Archived)vinhamon41/20 9:09PM
If I buy the game digital can I back up my save like some other 3DS games. (Archived)Nowujalo61/20 9:06PM
Power items worth? (Archived)staraid31/20 9:05PM
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