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What does Serebii have to say about that new pokemon rumor? (Archived)
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Chenmaster2171/8 1:14PM
How many people here can battle and win without looking at their 3DS screens? (Archived)AboveTopSecret91/8 1:08PM
Who Am I? Pokemon Edition (Archived)
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masterman97281/8 12:53PM
How in the hell am I supposed to get hidden power fire on my venusaur? (Archived)kabigon2091/8 12:52PM
Wow Multiscale Lugia is way too bulky (Archived)
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Real_trainerRed501/8 12:48PM
Pokedex question (Archived)uberownage66631/8 12:42PM
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The new review for this game is by far the best (Archived)
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OrangeCrush980151/8 12:36PM
Kinda sad that there are no Genesects on the GTS. (Archived)Reno_Tarshil91/8 12:32PM
VGC 2013/2014, what do you think? (Poll)Model_Omega71/8 12:28PM
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Minor Friend Safari glitch? (Archived)kabigon2081/8 12:13PM
So I saw Sky Attack's animation a while ago..... (Archived)
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hekifier141/8 12:03PM