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So, right now Hydreigon is sitting at possibly UU (Archived)
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jaimito_vond261/6 12:09AM
So... One possible use for Luvdisc in Doubles/Triples? (Archived)themagicpainman71/6 12:09AM
Oh wow, Game Freak, that's rather cute (Spoilers, maybe) (Archived)ophanseraph123101/6 12:09AM
What it means when you Wonder Trade different pokemon: (Archived)
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HoonDing161/6 12:08AM
PSA: PokeBank is not out nor was there any announcement (Archived)
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zelionx511/6 12:05AM
Seriously, this is Bull**** Gamefreak (Archived)
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MechaKirby191/6 12:04AM
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Would you mind another tyrogue evolution in the near future? (Poll)
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Chenmaster2161/5 11:59PM
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