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Are the numbers given when using a reset bag accurate? (Archived)
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shadothebrain111/27 4:38PM
Your most hated pokemon of each type? (Archived)
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Mikokiri541/27 4:38PM
Mawile used Play Rough. (Archived)
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smokinace829211/27 4:37PM
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So i just got off the phone with Nintendo (Archived)
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sahilmohammad181/27 4:30PM
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What is the blue Pentagon and where can I see it? (Archived)hodelino61/27 4:26PM
I lost on battle 50 at the maison in super singles... (Archived)
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Oreos74131/27 4:26PM
What Legendaries are banned in ranked battles? (Archived)
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ThatGuyOverDer121/27 4:22PM
Will you forgive Nintendo once Pokebank comes out? (Archived)
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theunlimitedg3361/27 4:19PM
How do Show people my friend code (Archived)Magicman98011/27 4:16PM
Xatu questions (Archived)sdfiqdha101/27 4:14PM