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Can someone give me a list of legendary pokemon needed to complete the pokedex (Archived)livesforgames71/13 12:46AM
what evs and ability do i put on Lapras? (Archived)YoyokuKO31/13 12:44AM
Kalos Region (Archived)
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TrainerAura161/13 12:43AM
It's not Ant Hackers or Hackers who are wrong. (Archived)Aldath81/13 12:42AM
Never underestimate Chatot's damage! Also, Knock Off appears to proc Unburden. (Archived)
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Raltrios131/13 12:36AM
How do you MM breed? (Archived)DerekRoss81/13 12:35AM
Infestation Reuniclus is fun. (Archived)
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ssb_master141/13 12:33AM
Another 6-0 Metagross sweep (with Blood Waifu finisher). (Archived)Raltrios41/13 12:31AM
Uses trick to give choice scarf... *Knock Off! (Archived)Jayroach281/13 12:27AM
Just got a 6IV J-Ditto off the GTS for a Nosepass (Archived)
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iamBGS221/13 12:24AM
That moment when... (Archived)Sloth923011/13 12:24AM
I just played a 140-turn battle. (Archived)piranhapete21/13 12:22AM
So now that we have the other legendaries... (Archived)Im_Medeus21/13 12:22AM
Slowbro sweeps a team of ubers (Archived)
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InninXI351/13 12:22AM
Got shiny tranquil...and man it looks like... (Archived)wolfwing31/13 12:22AM
Quick question about breeding for a Roserade!!! :D (Archived)bloopertime81/13 12:06AM
Does the Pokemon not obeying because of not enough badges apply to wifi? (Archived)LightningAce1121/13 12:01AM
I just hatched a shiny Slakoth! (Archived)Thaxagoodname21/12 11:50PM
What competitive Pokemon have you raised so far? (Archived)
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Pictocheat551/12 11:42PM
Looking for a Dawn Stone (Archived)gitaroo_zowie41/12 11:34PM