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IV related question (Archived)Shinykricketot61/29/2014
Hatching 6 ivs (Archived)Vampyro9471/29/2014
Knocking out legends (Archived)pmaster41/29/2014
I thought the Global Link was converting Dream Points into Poke Miles now? (Archived)Missingno_Mastr51/29/2014
6 IV Pokemon, Pokemon who don't use Physical Attacks, and Confusion Status (Archived)
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Irvine Tomoe191/29/2014
I think Nintendo knwos about Pokecheck (Archived)
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Not sure if coincidence or a new feature? ._. (Archived)Ivajosh1031/29/2014
YR: If Stealth Rock can activate Weakness Policy (Archived)
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Where the heck is the bank? (Archived)Genericgamer66761/29/2014
I plan to open with sticky web, what are the best pokemon that are slower? (Archived)
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Saw a girl in college playing Pokemon (Archived)
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keep dem KHRPs comin! (Archived)Dante204921/29/2014
I dunno if I wanna nickname a shiny legendary if I get one. (Archived)LagoonTheCursed41/29/2014
Cooking up Kingler! (Archived)
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Iron ball Aegislash with gyro ball... (Archived)CarefreeDude31/29/2014
Any Pokemon you've encountered online that you have no clue what it can do? (Archived)
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Jackpot in breeding (Archived)
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Lmao, was looking for a Bronzong in the FS and encountered a shiny one (Archived)Hydreigoon71/29/2014
The random number generator is being an ass towards me. (Archived)Chaos4629031/29/2014
Using natural gift Tropius has saved me against a few poison types (Archived)legendrider41/29/2014