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Is there a lost of Pokemon from x and y that are OU? (Archived)
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sockrox161/13 4:58PM
Has anyone tried a mix attacker Unburden Sceptile? (Archived)giants928141/13 4:56PM
Maison team, need 3rd member. Roserade, Tyrantrum, and _______? (Archived)
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drJuris131/13 4:55PM
Obedience and trade. (Archived)Dorami21/13 4:52PM
How surprised would you be If there are 30 news Pokemon in Z (Archived)gamepimp12101/13 4:50PM
So my little brother somehow set his pokemon Y to some other language (Archived)Chaos4629061/13 4:44PM
Question about Weezing EVs (Archived)viewtifullink9911/13 4:44PM
Pokemon moves not to use while in bed. (Archived)
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AuroraSonicBeam751/13 4:39PM
EQ vs Crunch for battle maison Khans (Archived)pkmnpkmn31/13 4:39PM
So who is the Mew/Celebi of this generation. (Archived)
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DarriusTruart201/13 4:39PM
Are people too obsessed with speed? (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger631/13 4:36PM
is rayquaza actually tradeable? (Archived)WeaponXfactor51/13 4:35PM
Pokemon Online vs Showdown (Archived)Gamegeek_791/13 4:33PM
Does Weakness Policy and Sap Sipper stack? (Archived)
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Last Soldier131/13 4:32PM
What is the Shiny Exchange Rate? (Archived)miniraymundo2u61/13 4:31PM
How should I go about training stat experience in HP? (Archived)shiningpikablu25251/13 4:30PM
Who switches first? (Archived)piranhapete31/13 4:28PM
Why the hell doesn't Magcargo learn Eruption? (Archived)PokemonYoutube31/13 4:21PM
Well now that f***ing Lucarionite is f***ing banned (OR will be) (Archived)
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Daemonscharm111/13 4:20PM
Excellent pokemon simulators? (Archived)epyon199551/13 4:19PM