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Volcanion is a turtle fox that hunts prey via lampreys that vomit scalding heat. (Archived)Quiet_Noise61/5 2:12AM
Encore ended right after the turn I used it? (Archived)javel3461/5 2:10AM
Team that can dominate the battle maison? (Archived)
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Stanemac12141/5 2:10AM
Can I make this shiny Galvantula work? (Archived)Solvanas81/5 2:08AM
False Swipe. Does it even work right anymore or not? (Archived)WizardofHoth51/5 2:05AM
How can there be a tie? (Archived)Xavuu31/5 2:04AM
Why don't mod just ban PokeTransporter? (Archived)Pupu2751/5 2:04AM
Ability Capsule ? (Archived)raymondsmith1581/5 1:51AM
Is Pokerus's benefits permanent? (Archived)Jump_Man721/5 1:50AM
How useful is a 4iv ditto? (Archived)chapeen61/5 1:49AM
What was your best trade on GTS? (Archived)
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Carlos994721/5 1:45AM
Why would there be a link to Pokebank? (Archived)
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discodancer77541/5 1:45AM
Mega Medicham and Hitmontop take the stage (and force a forfeit) (Archived)legendrider21/5 1:43AM
I look at the trade boards and think to myself... (Archived)Cha0sFinale91/5 1:34AM
Freeze-Dry bothers me (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform111/5 1:34AM
I don't think HA Shelmet made it through the bank... (Archived)Sloth923071/5 1:28AM
Probably the most entertaining match I've had all night (Archived)Shadow_Chaos_771/5 1:23AM
vivilion question (Archived)scarface_112861/5 1:22AM
Best Competitive Incest Pokemon (Archived)
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Ctbluejay181/5 1:18AM
Most 'valuable' breedable Pokebank mon? (Archived)
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quad_draxis131/5 1:14AM