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IV calculator (Archived)jostamy31/28/2014
Who would most likely take over the entire world if they existed in real life? (Poll)
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So I'm gonna fight my friend in two days. (Archived)
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Xerneas Build Question (Archived)Xynaxus6441/28/2014
the AI just used a shiny hippowdon (Archived)
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lel, I just realized. If they were to remake RSE (Archived)
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What do shinies do when sent out to battle? (Archived)
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I'm ashamed. I lost on the 6th round of Super Multi Battle. (Archived)King_of_Flan61/28/2014
Good Electric type Pokemon (Archived)
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So a guy was offering 6iv ditto?? (Archived)
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Has global link/game sync been spazzing out lately? (Archived)YoyokuKO51/28/2014
Finally,a 6 iv pokemon. (Archived)Pokemon83131/28/2014
Does togepi evolve in amie? (Archived)LifeOfAhDon71/28/2014
Just hatched a 5iv goomy with calm and gooey. I need suggestions for builds (Archived)Phoenix_Heart41/28/2014
Are perfect IVs essential for competitive? (Archived)
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How are shiny values created in this game? (Archived)
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almost lost this batttle due to some hax but a quick smart play saved me...rate! (Archived)gamepimp1251/28/2014
Communication Error question (Archived)ridleyslayer2341/28/2014
What's a good nature/IV/EV/item set for this Umbreon moveset? (Archived)Dsurions_Wrath41/28/2014
I don't know what just happened (Archived)dertswa687o21/28/2014