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Made a Mega Khan user ragequit! (Archived)
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Irnkman231/25 6:12PM
Feraligatr is spelled without an O (Archived)
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Mobile_Platform171/25 6:09PM
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Does Battle Maison Super Singles maintain the usual max IV of 15 for rounds 1-21 (Archived)Reptobismol41/25 6:06PM
Buff hail (Poll)SkylaIsMyWife51/25 6:03PM
Longest battle I've ever played in my entire life (Archived)Puppyfaic11/25 6:03PM
Breeding questions (Archived)IIIPowerIII81/25 6:01PM
Who's better with Mach Punch/Bullet Punch? (Archived)Avertice41/25 6:00PM
Clefable Sweep! (Archived)Assertingfire321/25 5:55PM
Give Fire Emblem Characters abilities and movesets (Archived)
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navi854291/25 5:54PM
The Lumiose boutique sucks... (Archived)
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ThatKipp171/25 5:54PM
So we both are down to our last Pokemon.... (Archived)hodelino41/25 5:52PM
Best team for Battle Maison? (Archived)guvnordisney71/25 5:51PM
Trading Spiritomb or Phione for shiny Espurr! (Archived)giantaty21/25 5:49PM
Delphox or Emboar, which is worse (Archived)
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gamepimp12181/25 5:47PM
Are these six shiny Latioses legit? (Archived)
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EmptyStar12161/25 5:45PM
If Fairy type didn't exist (Poll)
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PrettyTonyTiger231/25 5:38PM
Shiny Charm Question (Archived)kirbymariomega51/25 5:36PM
I feel bad for using a Focus Energy Hydreigon against my friend. (Archived)
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YoungmanJenkins241/25 5:33PM
Japan Pokemon Bank announcement? (Archived)guvnordisney41/25 5:33PM