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im just rolling around in the friend safari and i find a shiny... (Archived)XcaIIion41/25 4:22PM
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Hoenn and Sevii Islands are now the regions with the fewest number of Pokemon (Archived)slk_2341/25 4:19PM
Need help picking 6th pokemon for uu team (Archived)The_Great_Gabbo41/25 4:19PM
I lose every single Passerby battle because I always forget to choose 6 guys... (Archived)Jigglybuff71/25 4:18PM
shinies, am i the only one? (Archived)ryanmushrooms101/25 4:17PM
Am I breeding right? (Archived)
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Miksu454241/25 4:17PM
Can smogon tiers apply to other forms of battling? (Archived)Felix646411/25 4:14PM
what shinies would you like to see? (Archived)cruel_death51/25 4:13PM
So, I was Skyping with Nintendo the other day... (Archived)legendxofxsky41/25 4:12PM
Can't put up trade on GTS (Archived)crayola55551/25 4:10PM
Chain Trading Question (Archived)Xynaxus6441/25 4:08PM
on pokemon x the sundail will not work (Archived)aboatright8381/25 4:05PM
So I just sent a telegraph message to Nintendo (Archived)
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thatninjaswag121/25 4:02PM
Liepard moveset and set up (Archived)vinhamon21/25 3:59PM
Usage of Future Sight (Archived)JoJoX20031/25 3:59PM
Does Air Balloon still break if the holder is hit while behind a Substitute? (Archived)Turbo_TRex61/25 3:59PM
Would any of these be good on the GTS for legendaries? (Archived)
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Look_A_Username121/25 3:59PM
Assault vest tyranytar vs mega tyranitar? (Archived)
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Beliath99181/25 3:59PM