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i dont know HOW i lost to this guy... (Archived)
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Xerxes132231/12 5:44PM
Does Pokerus double super training EVs? (Archived)pkmnpkmn41/12 5:38PM
Why the obsession with 6 IV shiny legends? (Archived)
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Kitty8472131/12 5:37PM
Strategy guides? (Archived)DerekRoss71/12 5:36PM
Best Themes (Day 3) Gym Leader Themes (Poll)
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massifbeef221/12 5:33PM
What happens if you break a Ghost pokemon egg? (Archived)
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Blackcat0123131/12 5:31PM
Articuno's great (Archived)Heavenboy8871/12 5:31PM
Golem Sweep achived (Archived)Shikazure41/12 5:27PM
Before you make a topic like "Why isn't there a Blank/Blank type yet?" (Archived)kirbydude38591/12 5:27PM
Rate My Team, It's Amazing (Archived)iKhan8881/12 5:24PM
Breeding - am I doing it wrong? (Archived)
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chasejoee121/12 5:23PM
forced to take yveltal, BUT.... (Archived)DrSmiley7241/12 5:22PM
Does anyone else (Archived)Shad0wer31/12 5:21PM
Two weeks away thus far and no "New" news on PokeBank (Poll)
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Aurawhisperer151/12 5:19PM
Just found my second non-event shiny ever. (Archived)Grammar_man11/12 5:15PM
Keep this mewtwo? (Archived)yzman31/12 5:13PM
fellow girls: do you ever sometimes feel disadvantaged playing pokemon? (Archived)
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MATDSOTM561/12 5:12PM
Post in this topic if you have the shiny charm but haven't caught a shiny yet (Archived)
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undisputed2386131/12 5:11PM
keep this mewtwo y? (Archived)purple_raven61/12 5:09PM
Modding isn't bad. Cheating is. Modding isn't always cheating (Archived)
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pcmike2431/12 5:08PM