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egg moves and iv breeding (Archived)burningfire5241/20 1:06PM
YR: In Gen 7, Zoroark becomes one of your opponent's Pokemon in Team Preview. (Archived)ChapFromKrugis81/20 1:01PM
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Does anyone else hate Team Preview? (Archived)
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SandnPersia191/20 12:53PM
Chances of February revealing Diancie? (Archived)
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MegaMelon111/20 12:52PM
Ugh, Restaurant Le Wow... (Archived)
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MahoganyTooth92151/20 12:52PM
Is Grant a woman? (Archived)
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ThatKipp191/20 12:52PM
"This pokemon has already been traded" (Archived)Guardian_Shadow31/20 12:47PM
Which grass type should I round out my team with? (Archived)Long_Bottom41/20 12:46PM
Things you never would've imagined being viable in competitive pokemon ever (Archived)
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Jeb4341/20 12:42PM
Breeding and Abilities Question... (Archived)ColoredStars9241/20 12:38PM
It's kind of hard not to get swept... (Archived)CookieMarvin101/20 12:38PM
Air Slash on MegaZardY? (Archived)
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Daemonscharm161/20 12:33PM
We may never see the Pokebank (Archived)
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Aurawhisperer301/20 12:31PM
My quest for a shiny goomy! (That took way too long...) (Archived)astrangeone41/20 12:31PM
Nicknaming Pokemon Question (Archived)Jasmine1111141/20 12:30PM
Last time you saw someone use a Pikachu? (Archived)sofaturtles71/20 12:26PM
Build Advice For Scizor (Archived)
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Darrenti121/20 12:20PM
Pokemon The Origin (Full Movie) (Archived)
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Ronteque231/20 12:19PM