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hatched my first shiny (Archived)Hail_Berserk61/28/2014
I'm looking for a Poison type... (Poll)
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Does anyone else do the lottery daily? (Archived)
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A fool and his mon - are easily parted (Archived)SPACED196931/28/2014
Groudon: *grabs a broom*.. (Archived)TG_Wolf91/28/2014
Looking for Whimsicott moveset input. (Archived)ssbmrocks61/28/2014
Muk moveset? (Archived)kokobeng1000021/28/2014
this is the most one sided hax ive ever seen (Archived)gamepimp1221/28/2014
I put a Ditto into the GTS with The Message 9001 IV's (Archived)hodelino51/28/2014
talk to me about Aegislash (Archived)
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Hoenn before or after Z? (Archived)
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Having used M. Khan for the first time last week, I can confidently say this ... (Archived)
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Showdown Sweep: The Curselax Show (Archived)lime1122021/28/2014
I wish that the E4's levels would go up after a certain amount of victories. (Archived)dj4242101/28/2014
C/D: Going to an IV checker should mark the top stats automatically. (Archived)
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Would Normal/Ghost be the only thing that resists Fighting/Ghost? (Archived)Companion_Cube_91/28/2014
Interesting thing I found on GF's website (Archived)pervy_sage45691/28/2014
Most Important Stat? (Poll)
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>>Breeding MM Set Help Needed<< & Question regarding EM's. (Archived)Zedreq21/28/2014
The one thing that I miss from HG/SS (Archived)
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