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If you could marry any pokemon who would it be and why? (Archived)
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likeabosssss491/19 8:01AM
If you see the Legendary Cat trio with this name, DON'T TRADE for it!! (Archived)
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PrettyTonyTiger691/19 7:59AM
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What's a good Pokemon to use Fly (Archived)
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New Sugimori art of Xerneas and Yveltal (Archived)
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Never let Hawlucha set up (Archived)
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Nitemare667141/19 6:59AM
How do you know what vivillons do you have? (Archived)
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legendxofxsky151/19 6:53AM
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Will a Shiny Snivy snag a GTS Legendary? (Archived)Grkd13191/19 6:30AM
How upset would you be if pokebank was cancelled? (Archived)
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bbkkristian591/19 6:27AM
Never let a regigas live past 5 turns.... haha (Archived)N-K-S31/19 6:21AM