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deerling/sawsbuck forms? (Archived)poldual112/26 7:38PM
Nintendo is stuck in the past. They thought they could handle the traffic and (Archived)Chenmaster2212/26 7:36PM
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If Azelf was Fairy, would it be an effective Latios check? (Archived)FryDays5000612/26 7:30PM
Bank is out tomorrow right? (NA) (Archived)
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meestermj2612/26 7:27PM
Serebii was right. (Archived)Aurawhisperer412/26 7:21PM
Lol, just got another Thundurus for a.. (Archived)TG_Wolf512/26 7:21PM
WTF is this? (Archived)ShadowUmbreon42112/26 7:20PM
Turn the remaining Eeveelutions into Legendary Beasts (Archived)iKhan88812/26 7:20PM
welp thats the nail in pokebank/poketransfer's release coffin tomorrow (Archived)JediBoB101312/26 7:20PM
Does anybody have legendaries to help me fill my pokedex? (Archived)zombiabsol412/26 7:17PM
If you want the Eshop to be fixed faster (Archived)ZinogreSparks112/26 7:17PM
Do you need all forms of Unkown for shiny charm? (Archived)hyjinx17712/26 7:16PM
Does a spoink die if I use sky drop on it? (Archived)Turtleatlaw1012/26 7:16PM
Is PokeBank a midnight release? (Archived)
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endergamer5372512/26 7:15PM
How do I get the hoondoom and heracross mega stones? (Archived)
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RemixDeluxe1612/26 7:12PM
How come Yawn won't pass down? (Archived)Ghetsis712/26 7:12PM
Was all the event pokemon fixed at 6iv? (Archived)DarknessSpyro612/26 7:02PM
Well, time to start hacking an using Talonflame (Archived)PokeMin111312/26 6:55PM