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Is this game above or below average as Pokemon games go? (Poll)
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ThatKipp1112/26 11:17AM
Would this be a fair ability? (hypothetical) (Archived)chumpykalamoona112/26 11:13AM
There any offline app that shows me every bit of information every pokemon has?? (Archived)
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morlock301112/26 11:12AM
I have officially gotten my gold trainer card (Archived)kai013412/26 11:07AM
Gamefreak should give Regigigas Skill Swap. (Archived)waffles1029812/26 11:06AM
So does Pay Day + Happy Hour + Amulet Coin stack? (Archived)
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soshii1212/26 11:01AM
Excuse me fellas. I want to ask something rather newbish (Archived)Switch_Minamoto812/26 10:59AM
How do you take screenshots in this game? (Archived)Judgmenl412/26 10:59AM
Alright HP users, so I must learn the trick (Archived)Aurawhisperer612/26 10:57AM
What pokemon do you absolutely hate going up against? (Archived)
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Holy_Oblivion1612/26 10:50AM
Just got yveltal for a chikorita (Archived)
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wisezeta1512/26 10:44AM
Oh hey...another cfharmander....... (Archived)warnerbroman712/26 10:40AM
Advice on Kanto starter? (Archived)JusticeLeaguer8312/26 10:39AM
Which ability would you choose for Milotic? (Poll)Chenmaster2212/26 10:37AM
Celebi? (Archived)ThePaleRiderp112/26 10:36AM
need help building a team i so far have 4 pokemon inmind (Archived)tiamat999112/26 10:35AM
Wait, so is Pokebank why.... (Archived)
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kratos_jadelove1412/26 10:34AM
X or Y (Archived)itachi72412/26 10:30AM
So I just totally murderized the 3rd gym leader.... (Archived)
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MahoganyTooth921312/26 10:30AM
For those who got Pokebank before it was pulled ... (Archived)MineralPlusBox512/26 10:29AM