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If this Pokemon were to learn Hidden Power, the move's type would be... (Archived)
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MrFingers07151/26 9:18AM
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Mew in Safari? (Archived)TrainerAura81/26 9:11AM
WTF!?!? I Don't Get Chandelure... (Archived)
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LAN_Shark131/26 9:05AM
You're all more creative than I am, help me out (Archived)bwebber1771/26 9:05AM
Steel/Fairy/Dragon core vs. Fire/Water/Grass core (Archived)
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SorceressTharja171/26 9:03AM
What is "Light of Ruin" ? (Archived)jakenlucas41/26 8:58AM
Where/how are Chesto Berries obtained in this game? (Archived)inavnwor21/26 8:56AM
How do you use the Semi-RNG Abuse method to make an HP pokemon? (Archived)
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morlock30151/26 8:55AM
Coincidence... or something more sinister? (Archived)SPACED196941/26 8:53AM
Just got my first shinny in this game. (Archived)lilboycano10141/26 8:50AM
Should I or Should I Not? (Archived)Exodus_Knight51/26 8:42AM
mind blown. garbodor omg (Archived)
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Tatakai-No-Kami381/26 8:41AM
First pokemon Showdown ever. LMAO (Archived)Dragon_Oblivion41/26 8:36AM
i bred a perfect honedge but...... (Archived)sid949781/26 8:33AM
C/D: R/S/E had the best ending theme (Archived)xyzman61/26 8:33AM
Dark void is broken (Archived)SooperKewlGuy71/26 8:25AM
How do U select the wifi battle music (Archived)
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Germaicanboy131/26 8:21AM
Drag Down Hydreigon (Archived)DarkerDai21/26 8:20AM
in your opinion, the worst move in the game? (Archived)Neoconkers71/26 8:19AM