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If you got to transfer 6 pokemon who would they be (Archived)
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Cody_Blackquill1112/26 3:01PM
Project Chimchar Active (Archived)Ultima_Wraith112/26 3:00PM
Features that would be nice on the next Pokemon game. (Archived)Lansfield712/26 3:00PM
Damn, Klefki and Whimsicott on the same team is really trolltastic :3 (Archived)TG_Wolf212/26 3:00PM
Wait, so some people are actually against the evasion clause? (Archived)
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iKhan8823812/26 2:59PM
ITT: You list your 3 favourite pokemon (Archived)-Kaladryn-912/26 2:59PM
Which Pokemon has the nicest hands? (Archived)
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BluntGrunt2812/26 2:56PM
Extra Jaw/Sail Fossils post-game? (Archived)kirbymariomega212/26 2:53PM
Holy Arceus, the trading boards... (Archived)
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kumorixLoveless1212/26 2:51PM
....I miss a few things from previous gens, like contests and the DPP App... (Archived)legendrider112/26 2:50PM
Anybody want to tell me what's up with my Zigzagoon's PID? (Pokecheck) (Archived)ChapFromKrugis512/26 2:50PM
What other 6th gen only pokemon would you add to this team (Archived)laundrysucks312/26 2:41PM
2 more days until pokebank comes out. What are you doing in White/Black2 or X/Y? (Archived)
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deidara218312/26 2:39PM
Can anyone help with my streetpass problem? (Archived)player_three312/26 2:36PM
Trace Gardevoir is so much fun! :3 (Archived)Chenmaster2812/26 2:36PM
Can Pokemon bred in Kalos with their unreleased HA make it into rated battle? (Archived)legitgamer405312/26 2:35PM
Outrage or Crunch for Tyranitar (Archived)EmperorZangoose512/26 2:34PM
What should I do with this Zygarde? (Archived)
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Frappolo1312/26 2:33PM
R/F: Goodra build (Archived)RPGgamemaster6812/26 2:32PM
Do you like Pokebank's bad hack checker? (Poll)
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Wyvern561312/26 2:31PM