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EV train or level to 100? (Archived)CyberWhiteTiger81/27/2014
Breeding IV's Question (Archived)
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What piece is your competitive team missing? (Archived)
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poke bank ever gonna be available for diamond/pearl??? (Archived)black_mario0181/27/2014
Are Hoenn Remakes Necessary? (Archived)
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Trading Legends/Shinies (Archived)ShinyAzumarill751/27/2014
when the hax start going, people start leaving (Archived)MechaKirby51/27/2014
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What an ending to my BellyJet Marill breeding project! (Archived)Houndourtwo41/27/2014
Fear the power of Choice Scarf/Trick Jirachi (Archived)Irnkman11/27/2014
why is deoxys and mewtwo uber (Archived)
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YR: light ball is compatible with all current electric mice... (Archived)
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Dawn vs. May Vs. Flannery Vs. Misty Vs. Serena (Poll)
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Do you use megas? And do you actually like them? (Poll)
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*For smogon players* What are the chances of the elemental duo getting banned? (Archived)Caolan_2k991/27/2014
Megazard X/ Megazard Y Vs. Megasaur/ Megatoise 1.3 (Poll)MechaKirby61/27/2014