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Just got a route monkey named MERRY XMAS! from Wonder Trade. (Archived)
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Raltrios1812/25 4:32AM
things I have received in wonder trade tonight (Archived)toothpiq612/25 4:31AM
I really need help with Pokecheck (Archived)
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poldual1612/25 4:29AM
Are Pokebank Pokemon a-a-ALLOWED in rating battles? (Archived)Ominas_Crow712/25 4:22AM
How do you transfer from Emerald? (Archived)bwebber17912/25 4:22AM
Is Pokebank going to **** me? (Archived)
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MrSkorm2212/25 4:16AM
Gen III & IV Name Capitalisations Resolved (Archived)
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Serebii from SPP1812/25 4:02AM
Help me build a team around critdra (Archived)Boon_Siew_Fariq712/25 3:59AM
How do I deal with Cresselia and Thundurus? (Archived)Raltrios312/25 3:56AM
Someone needs to get pictures of all the newly available box legends smiling. (Archived)Gameandwatch2112/25 3:45AM
taking down the bank, one battle at a time... (Archived)deuceknight512/25 3:42AM
Hidden Ability starters (Archived)gkathellar512/25 3:41AM
So... Nintendo is cruel right? (Archived)SageKabuto912/25 3:24AM
anyone having trouble installing the new patch in pokemon? (Archived)Lucky17thguy612/25 3:19AM
400+ hours clocked in Pokemon Black (Archived)omgitsjustme412/25 3:17AM
Unobtainables (Archived)MrPietro10312/25 3:10AM
Is it pretty common to get a bank pokemon over WT atm? (Archived)
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BlazeAssassin2212/25 3:08AM
Pokedoodle. (Archived)ActionKazimer412/25 3:06AM
No one can stop the mighty Breloom (Archived)BSGM112/25 2:48AM
my last bit of luck on this game (Archived)Xerxes132112/25 2:40AM