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There should be a ghost type u-turn (Archived)mech dragon81/25/2014
Darkrai the most fearful pokemon in wifi-battle (Archived)
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Pursuit/Sneasel breeding help (Archived)Torpid_Kitten51/25/2014
Physical aegislash? (Archived)
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Did my first rated battles today. (Archived)
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pokebank (Archived)field_is_2_shor31/25/2014
Question about Global Link (Archived)Shin_Megami_Boy31/25/2014
Snubbull question (Archived)ugoo1851/25/2014
how rare is a roost scizor? (Archived)digthasucka5x31/25/2014
What if there was a reverse fly/dig mechanic? (Archived)Chaos_fire31/25/2014
Best way to go about getting legendaries for Pokedex? (Archived)
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Old maybe, but I found theme Hilarious (Archived)Skull_pro41/25/2014
problem connecting with players? (Archived)moglimoogle11/25/2014
Literally the worst battle of my life. (Archived)
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Almost done with all my legends on pokedex! (Archived)kvnrdrguez11/25/2014
Do you think Tyranitar should be a dragon? (Poll)
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Balloon Popping (Archived)Lioconvoy41/25/2014
Rate my doiuble battle skills/team (video) (Archived)cocomunga81/25/2014
Fairy should have fire resistance, then we should get a Ice Fairy with levitate (Archived)Carbon_Deoxxys71/25/2014
who's your absolute favorite pokemon in X and Y? (Archived)
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